Friday, October 3, 2014

Affidavit of George, Kui and Noah of the family of Katanasho 3 October 2014

This affidavit is to inform the Australian (Corporation) Government that the deponents of this Affidavit namely Geroge, Kui and Noah of the family of Katanasho, of 26 Benfield Parade, in the suburb of Panania, in the Commonwealth of Australia State of New south wales, in the Commonwealth of Australia, that we the above mentioned free individuals of the one family revoke every Agreement (Contract) we have individually ever signed with the pretended Government of Australia. Furthermore we denounce the Australian (Corporation) pretended Government as illegal and we do not belong to the same in any way shape or form. We belong to the Commonwealth of Australia and members of it.
We are informing the pretended Australian (Corporation) Government that we are fully aware of the content of this Affidavit and this decision we make in this Affidavit is final and beyond any negotiation.

Signed and sealed by George and on behalf of

Kui and Noah of the family of Katanasho

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