Friday, October 17, 2014

Affidavit of truth and a warning to all Corporate Australia and the world made by George of the Family of Katanasho on 17 October 2014

Affidavit of George of the family of Katanasho 17 October 2014

I George of the Family of Katanasho of the street address 26 Benfield Parade of the Suburb of Panania in the State of New south wales, do issue this warning on behalf of my wife, son and myself.

This is my last warning to you. Never contact me for whatever reason you have. I am not interested. You cannot claim jurisdiction placing us under duress. You have no jurisdiction over anything concerning me and my family. Furthermore you are very clearly, a criminal enterprise along with all the so called Federal, State, Agencies and Private corporations Government. You well know that the Commonwealth of Australia Government was abandoned in secret and was replaced by the Australian Government which are many corporations and businesses. Now you know that I know, you can get lost for lack of better terms. I do not contract with you or any other criminal corporation on the land of Australia. Any contact with us shall be deemed as harassment under the Common Law. Yes, I am aware that you are all criminals and pay no attention to any laws, even your own. I am only doing my duty according to the Common Law of the land of Australia and internationally.

Signed and sealed

George of the Family of Katanasho

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