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Crimes against a family inhabits the land of Australia, one of which is a Chinese citizen and the other two are Commonwealth of Australia Land dwellers.

TPG is the Telecommunication Company Shengkui Li purchases her Internet Connection and Land line Phone Connection from. 

George Katanasho is Shengkui Li's Husband, Advocate and acts on behalf of Shengkui Li in all matters of Law in Australia and beyond.

This New World Order Government is seeking to destroy the life of Shengkui Li and all who is connected to her and that was proven by the documents I sent you recently over the email account. Today I am sending you only a few documents to support Shengkui Li's claim.

The following is what happened in relation to TPG Shengkui Li, the Telecommunication Companies, the so called Government and its Judiciary. Now before I start explaining the issues at hand, I would like to stress that relative to international issues Shengkui Li's issues may seem insignificant, however everyone one knows that a dripping tap will eventual drill holes into the hardest element known to man. The intention here of the New World Order Government is total destruction of all who question, oppose or disagree with their methods of administration and the results thereof. 
·   In Australia as you know all corporations including but not limited to the Australian Government Corporations are interconnected and perpetrate and plan everything monolithically. 
NCAT replaced CTTT

·   When the New World Order Government decides to go after an individual or an entity, they send the information concerning the issue to every Corporation in the world, and if the Corporation is unaware of the issue, as soon as the last become in a way involved, they get immediately contacted and ordered what to do to remain within what was already planned concerning the destruction of an individual or even a nation.

Housing NSW joined the Family Community Services which united many corporations

 In the case of Shengkui Li, the New World Order Government is doing everything they can to destroy her life. They use anything and everything.  For example: The law did not permit NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION to enter our rented home with no reason, the above mentioned corporation went to CONSUMER, TRADER AND TENANCY TRIBUNAL and filed a dispute against Shengkui Li's House occupants. When George Katanasho received a letter from the above mentioned Tribunal, he received it addressed to the wrong name. George Katanasho replied to the above mentioned Tribunal and explained to them 2 things: 1. That the Tribunal has no Jurisdiction over George Katanasho because George Katanasho is an unregistered individual in the NSW BIRTHS, DEATHS AND MARRIAGES REGISTRY. Means that as far as the international corporate powers are concerned, legally George Katanasho does not exist. If one does not exist, a tribunal have no jurisdiction over this individual. 

And 2. When George Katanasho received the letter, it was addressed to the wrong name which invalidates the entire filed dispute, and because the Tribunal have no jurisdiction over George Katanasho, the Tribunal sent the letter to a corporation they created in Secret called "GEORGE KATANASHO". By doing that they gave themselves jurisdiction over the individual they are after to harass and intimidate. After George Katanasho sent them the letter disputing that this letter is addressed to the wrong person/individual, they never replied. Nearly one month later the Tribunal heard the dispute filed by NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION without the knowledge of George Katanasho or Shengkui Li. In other words, they decided our fate in secret amongst themselves by disregarding the law, the procedures and all our rights human and lawful. They indeed made an order against us to enter our residential property, remove trees and poison the residue claiming that the trees are classified as obnoxious weed and must be removed. The trees were Baby Banana Trees. When I contacted NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION and that was subsequent to having the CTTT order made, and informed them that our neighbours have the same trees and when the inspection was made on our trees, our trees and the neighbours trees were butting to each other. When they heard that, they decided that the trees were not obnoxious to protect the neighbours trees. Then through my investigation, I asked NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION as to their decision to get a CTTT order against us since the trees are not obnoxious, then they claimed that the trees were damaging the fence that is between us and between a Chinese Australian family who are Felon-gong and spy against Shengkui Li and her family for the New World Order Government. So on the day NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION sent their tree loppers to our property, and cut down the trees, I personally went to the man who cut down the trees and asked him if those trees were doing any damage to the fence. He answered no. I tell you the reason. The reason was that I personally cut down all the trees that were butting against the fence and beyond. I cut down nearly 25 trees. When the tree loppers came to this property,  they found only 10 trees standing one meter or so away from the fence. So I again called NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION to explain what was the matter behind all these claims. I was fortunate to speak with the officer who personally went to the Tribunal mentioned above and raised the matter in the hearing mentioned above. And little did I expect, the officer mentioned above said that she does not know anything about the issue even though she was the officer who conducted the inspection a few months before the order was made. NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION filed a dispute according to (Helen) the officer who conducted the inspection, and the same officer made all the claims against us in the above mentioned Tribunal to finally tell me in person that she had no idea what the dispute was about. So who knows what it was about? Nobody. And that was the reason why the Tribunal mentioned above did not want my presence at the hearing because they did not have a case. So it was a conspiracy between NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION and CONSUMER TRADER AND TENANCY TRIBUNAL. All that was to harass us, intimidate us and prove to us that they are the powers and we are nothing. Subsequently, I contacted NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION and told them via email, that if they send the men to do the poisoning of the remnants of the trees in the ground, I will call the Police. They never sent the men with the poisoning equipment to poison the tree roots. So they themselves contravened the order made by the CTTT in their favour.
·   Now returning to the Telecommunication issue: Shengkui Li had an account with a telecommunication Company called italkBB. italkBB is a Chinese speaking people based company. Shengkui Li chose this company because they spoke Chinese. Right from the beginning of signing the contract of two year services of internet connection and telephone connection, italBB took the details of Shengkui Li's debit card account in total so italkBB could direct debit the account monthly for the services mentioned above. Now bear in mind that italkBB was a company chosen by Shengkui Li because of the massive problems she previously had with another small Telecommunication Company. Now italkBB were ordered by the New World Order Government to claim that the Debit Card information Shengkui granted italkBB were returning a message from the Bank that the account was invalid. I looked at the information italkBB gave to the Bank and discovered that italkBB misspelled Shengkui Li's name on the records. I then contacted italkBB and demanded of them to amend Shengkui Li's name on their records, but they refused to do so. italkBB did not want to give Shengkui Li the Telecommunication services. After a very long time of negotiations italkBB were placed in an awkward situation whereby the officer I was discussing the issue with admitted the conspiracy. So they finally accepted the Debit Card and started to withdraw money from the account. Now Shengkui  Li has the Internet and Phone connections active.

Then the New World Order Government internet spies decided that in order to terminate this account of Shengkui Li's with italkBB, they will harass Shengkui Li over the internet. Now the internet Connection speed started to go down from 150 Kilobytes per second down to 10 Kilobytes per second she could not watch movies or listen to music over the internet. So we filed a dispute with italkBB and italkBB said that it was not their company who were attacking our internet connection. Now I knew that but I could not dispute the issue with a secret entity. The face of the troubles was italkBB. Afterwards the internet connection was suspended and was slowed down and etc. etc. Many troubles were caused by the internet spies. Finally Shengkui Li decided to terminate her account with italkBB. 
·   Little did Shengkui Li know that this was the last Telecommunication company that will grant her internet and phone services for the following two long years. 
·   Shengkui Li contacted TPG, and TPG refused to grant her the Telecommunication Services.
·   Shengkui Li contacted Optus, and Optus signed a Phone contract with Shengkui Li and sent the Internet WIFI Router and then immediately disconnected the internet and phone service after one minute of connection. Afterwards Optus refused to reconnect and Shengkui Li still has a copy of the Contract and a brand new WIFI Router with some documents sent by Optus to Shengkui Li. This Router mentioned above was never used. Of course we contacted the authorities in Australia to resolve the issue and no one entity wanted to have anything to do with the dispute. The decision to make trouble was made from above and that means from a governing position above the Prime Minister's Office. No one in Australia can do anything. So Shengkui Li remained without Telephone and internet for two years. 
·   How did Shengkui Li finally manage to get Internet and phone services after two years from TPG?

·   It is a long story and I will try to make it as succinct as possible.

After the Birth of Shengkui Li's first son, I George Katanasho refused to register the baby with the New World Order Government because we the parents were afraid that the New World Order Government might use the baby as a weapon to persecute us. So if the baby was not registered, then the New World Order Government will have no jurisdiction over the baby. At least so we thought, but the following will prove to you that the New World Order Government is a criminal enterprise. As Bill Schnoebelen said in his youtube video called "Exposing the Illuminati from Within", said: The New World Order conspirators make the Mafia look like the criminal Kindergarten. An he was right. The New World Order Government do not adhere to any laws or rights of an individual or a nation.
·   This decision to not register the baby did not agree with the New World Order Government because they want control over everyone, and they allow no one to slip through the net so to speak. They will use crimes of all kinds to get the parents to register the baby by force and the use of harassment, intimidation, and they finally tried to list me on their records as mentally ill and intelligently disabled because I knew the law and our rights and I was defending Shengkui Li and won every time of Shengkui Li's cases though not officially on the judicial records, nevertheless I have my own records of demolishing every crime they tried to perpetrate against Shengkui Li, her son and her husband. 
·   How did the New World Order Government do that to achieve the impossible against our family?

In May 2013, two Police Officers came to our previous residence in Bass Hill NSW 2197. The Police Officers had two Female officers with them from the so called Department of Child Services (DOCS). Now remember I told you that Shengkui Li's son was unregistered baby, which means no corporation in Australia and the world have jurisdiction over him.

·   I refused to let the Police Officers and DOCS officers to enter our home without a Court Warrant. This is our right. Subsequently one of the Police Officers became very aggressive and played tug war with me with the screen door's handle of our unit, he wanted to come in by force. After I managed to force the door locked, the Police Officer mentioned above told me from behind the door that if I do not let the four people in, he will go and get a court warrant. I told him to go and get a warrant. 
·   Now of course the New World Order Government did not want to give me an evidence from the court of law against them, so the Police Officer could not get a warrant. 
·   After 15 minutes from the time the Police officer left to get a warrant, 4 Police Officers came to our home with the two officers from DOCS.
·   First of all the Police officers came from the back door of our unit, which places them in a trespass condition, that in itself was a crime.

·   Then they forced themselves into the unit. Afterwards I asked them for the Court Warrant. They claimed that they do not need one. 

·   3 of them went into the unit. A Police Chief and the two officers from DOCS.
·   The three officers inside the unit now, interrogated my wife for at least one long hour, with the intention of taking my so from me. However my wife realised the conspiracy. While I was held by three Police Officers outside the unit and I was forbidden to defend my wife Shengkui Li or act on her behalf and do not forget that they never offered my wife a legal representation or read her rights. The Police Department is a corporation and even the term "Police" originated from Corporate Policy. Police do not enforce the law. Peace officers do. But Peace Officers were abolished since I believe 1933 when Australia went bankrupt and sold the nation with its people to Private Corporate Interests. Now if they would have allowed me to act on her behalf, they would have been able to do nothing and would have to leave us without achieving what they truly came for.

·   Why did the Police come to our Home in the first place, and what was the claim they had against us for them to force themselves into our home without a court warrant and interrogate Shengkui Li for one Hour?
Dept Of Child Services (DOCS) has  united with Housing NSW and Federal Centrelink abolishing any separation between corporations

·   DOCS claimed that someone contacted their office in Bankstown and told them that the father of the baby had been abusing the baby and beating him up. What baby? Shengkui Li's and mine. Now please note that I love my son to death literally. I am willing to die to protect him and protect my wife. 

·   So I asked DOCS officers as to who the informant was, who informed DOCS that I was abusing my son. The Officers from DOCS said that they cannot tell me because the informant was an anonymous person. You cannot get a better lie than that. How am I going to find out that there was no informant if the informant was not to be revealed to me? I said to DOCS' Officers, that such a claim is very convenient since I have no ability to face the informant and prove him to be a liar. DOCS' Officer said: "It is real true, there was an informant". What else could she say when she was lying through her teeth.

·   After the one hour interrogation by the Police and DOCS to my wife, the three officers came out and said that the result of the interrogation was that I never abused my son, but and (Listen to this) but they want to kidnap my wife and son for a few hours to continue their interrogation in the DOCS' Office in Bankstown NSW 2200. 
·   They did kidnap my wife and son and brought them back after three hours. Later my wife told me that the Police Chief who was inside the unit during the hour interrogation searched the entire unit without a search warrant.

·   After all the officers left us alone, I called the Police headquarters, the Police in Bankstown and the Police Commissioner's Office. Every Police Officer who was questioned by me defended the unlawful actions of the Police Officers who perpetrated the crimes against all three of us. And the Police Officers who came to our home went into hiding. I could not find any Police Officer who was willing to discuss the matter of crimes perpetrated against us. They were never found guilty or reprimanded. Why? Because again, the decision to do all the above comes from above all the pretended Australian Government.

New World Order Participants

·   Now of course the New World Order Government realized that they failed to achieve their objective, take my son from me. Now understand, if the six officers managed to prove that I was an abusive parent, then they would given themselves a permission to register the baby on the parent's behalf, and my wife knowing nothing of the law and her rights, would never do anything about it. As a matter of fact, my wife still believes that I should register the baby. She has no clue as to the consequences that follow registering her son. It means that he becomes a corps, a non human and will be left without any rights whatsoever. And the criminals knew all that. Getting rid of me as a parent and declare me to be criminal or mentally ill would have gain them the enslavement of my son and me as well. So they wanted to do something about that before the things get out of their hands. Next day they sent 4 officers from The Mental Health Office of Bankstown. 3 Asian good looking ladies and one Australian white man. Now you note: Sending 3 good looking Asian looking young women, and knowing that I am married to an Asian, made believe that I would dribble over the women and forget my rights and giive them what they want. Everything they do is extremely well planned, but with a man of experience and most importantly knowledge, the Asian women looked liked savage lions that come to devour me and my family. The mental health officer in charge was the Australian white man. I asked him as to who sent him to me, and he said: "The Police of Bankstown Office sent me". I went into my unit and phoned the Bankstown Police and asked the Officer their if they sent 4 Mental Health officers to me and was it as a result of a court warrant or order. And he replied: "You don't have to talk to them". Now why would the Police send 4 mental health officers to my home to talk to me. Because all they needed is my consent to talk to them, and whether I was mentally ill or not, they can declare me as mentally incapacitated even if I proved to be a genius. Why? Because under the Corporate law of the New World Order Government, if I consent to talk to Mental Health Officers, then I give away all my rights into their hands and subsequently they take over the case, they represent me and make their own decision against me and no one can do anything about that. So if I accepted to speak to the mental health officers, regardless whether I was ill or not they could legally declare me as a mentally incapacitated man and subsequently I could never present any case to the authorities on behalf of anyone and because I would have been declared crazy. This method of declaring people crazy when they in fact are those who are in the know is one of the most widely used method by the New World Order Government to silence those who they want them silenced. Every man or woman who stood up to the New World Order Government had to go through one of three things. 1. Falsely accused of a crime and imprisoned. 2. Declared mentally ill. And 3. As a last resort, assassination. Go to YouTube and research terms such as "Illuminati, Freemasonry, Jesuits, Vatican, Conspiracy" etc. Many of these videos will eventually direct you to more and more videos. You can also go to my You Tube channel by clicking on the following link: or copy and paste in the search bar.
·   Subsequent to all the issues with the Police, DOCS and Mental health were finished, of course I tried to hold the culprits to account and hold them responsible for their crimes. No one entity wanted to have anything to do with the issues.

·   Now the New World Order Government wanted to compensate Shengkui Li only a very little bit though all they do is in secret, they decided to grant my wife Telecommunication Services. 

I contacted Optus, and Optus refused to grant my wife Internet and Phone Services. Why do we always apply to receive Telecommunication Services in my wife's name? Simply because my wife is a Chinese citizen and every time they perpetrated a crime against her, the Chinese Government was informed. That was a very serious cause for concern on behalf of the New World Order Government, bearing in mind as to the superiority of the Chinese Military Forces and their economical power. But if the Telecommunication Account was in my name, who would I go to, to relay my concerns. The New World Order Government have not one iota of care as to who an Australian individual is.

·   Now I contacted TPG, and TPG agreed to offer my wife Internet and Phone Services. However without leaving our computer, internet and purchased accounts alone. They just can't help themselves. If the New World Order Government's actions were to be explained to psychologist, the psychologist would definitely declare them as Mentally very ill.

In my wife's name I purchased 3 different softwares from 3 different companies over the internet. One is called Xilisoft video downloader, the second, Super DVD Creator and the third was AVS4YOU video editor. All three malfunctioned and none was useful. 3 of them cost around $100.00 Australian. Now you must understand. Just imagine all the attacks that were perpetrated against my wife were really an attack on China, not on a single Chinese citizen because if it happens to one Chinese, it happens to all Chinese people under the same circumstances. In real terms, this is an international incident perpetrated by the pretended Australian Government against China and its Government. Now let me teach you something you never thought it exists.

Since my wife arrived into Australia, the pretended Australian Government wanted to enslave her the same way we are enslaved and used all their trickeries against her. The crimes perpetrated against her are too many to mention here, however I will tell you the first couple of things and further explain the dangerous crimes against her and their results.

Subsequent to Shengkui Li's arrival into Australia, I was receiving unemployment Benefits from Centrelink. After paying rent to Housing NSW for a Bed-Sitter, I was left with an amount of $240.00 a fortnight. The story of my bankruptcy and my need to receive Centrelink benefit is a long story and one I do not wish to get into at the moment. 

Now of course $240.00 a fortnight could not possibly be enough for two people to live on. As a result I accompanied my wife to Centrelink to apply for some benefits for her. Our turn comes to speak to a Centrelink officer, and explained our hardship condition. The officer said to me, " Your wife is not eligible for any benefits". That seemed odd because my wife was forced, under duress to attend English literacy classes for at least 500 hours before she was eligible to find a job and earn some income. I knew something is wrong. I then went 3 more times to Centrelink and tried to get my wife some Benefits, and in all four times I was told the same thing, we were given identical words from four different officers. Amazingly living in Australia, the lucky country and one of the wealthiest nations in the world, an Australian and a Chinese had to scavenge and ask for help from family members just to survive.

One day, out of the blue so to speak, I received a letter in the name of my wife to attend an interview at a so called Centrelink's Special Benefits Office, in Market Street, number 10, in the city of Sydney. I could not understand why a special office and not just any Centrelink one. Nevertheless we did attend the interview on the allocated time given to us by Centrelink. Now my wife spoke only Mandarin Chinese at the time and spoke no English. So I joined my wife at the interviewing desk to speak on my wife's behalf. I was very shocked to be removed forcibly from the desk of the interview and sent to the waiting room. The interviewing officer could not speak a word of Chinese. How on earth could she then explain to my wife as to the rules and regulations and my wife's legal rights and obligations. It was not possible, but that's what they wanted. They wanted an uneducated people with no knowledge of anything. They just want us all dumb so they can continue to achieve their plans, of which very few Australians are aware. And a big bang on a Bass Drum, I was initiated into the secretly called "The Great Conspiracy" aka "The Great Plan" and the pretended Australian Government. Anyway it turned out that my wife was in fact eligible for Centrelink Benefits and all Centrelink's officers knew that but trained to lie. Subsequent to discovering that they lied to us concerning my wife's Benefits, I filed a dispute against Centrelink and I was referred to speak to a Centrelink's Solicitor located in Western Australia. All done by phone of course. One question that was put to me by the solicitor mentioned above changed all my perceptions of what country we live in. The Solicitor asked me: "Do you have any evidence?" . This was the beginning of my education in the law. Since then, I started to collect documents of evidence, started to secretly record all phone calls in audio formats, and audio recorded discussions when happened in person etc. etc. By the way, though it is entirely legal to audio record every discussion in terms of defending oneself from criminals, don't ever tell the criminals that you are recording, because they will do anything to stop you. And in my case, they knew I was audio recording, they came to my home in secret and deleted all important conversations from my audio recorder and my computer. They stole paper documents that prove that they are criminal. They even one time stole $3000.00 from a $5000.00 dollar wad from my wife's bedroom and though the money belongs to both of us, however after my wife buys my medication and other personal supplies, in two weeks I spend all my benefits and the saved money that was stolen was my wife's money.
Can you imagine? The New World Order Government propagandises in all the main stream media and all over the internet that the Chinese Government is very big on Human Rights violations against their own people. Well Mr and Mrs New World Order Government, you do much worse than the Chinese Government. You violate the Human Rights of a Chinese citizen who live within your governed borders. At least the Chinese Government does that within their own borders to their own people. But you criminals do it to the foreigners that live within your own borders. What hypocrites are you!!!
 To keep the story short, Centrelink offered to give my wife a back payment from the date of her arrival to the date she started receiving the first Benefits payment which amounted to around $4000.00. Now one must understand what happened here. Centrelink refused to call the Back-payment in its true description. Back payment is a Back-payment, but they called it Compensation because Centrelink wronged my wife. This of course came as another shock to me. How could the compensation which came as a result of defrauding my wife and depriving her from her rights and eligibilities be an identical amount of money as a back-payment which later I found out that this particular so called compensation does not appear in the Centrelink records, because it was no a Benefit as such, it was compensation. I tried to get more money in compensation and was turned down flat. 

Next dispute: I went to Housing NSW and demanded that we are offered a larger residence since my wife and I were living in a Bed-Sitter. I was told by Housing NSW that we sleep on one bed so we do not need any more rooms. I did that twice, and I was told the same thing both times. After two years of living with my wife in a Bed-Sitter, a neighbour of mine got married to a Chinese citizen as well. He subsequently went to Housing NSW and applied for a larger residence that a Bed-Sitter and was granted permission to move through a letter of approval he received from Centrelink. While having a chat together outside my Bed-Sitter, my neighbor happened to mention the approval he received to move to a larger residence. I became furious. Why my neighbour was granted an approval from the first interview and I was refused in two interviews? More corruption started to come to light. I started to dispute everything with the so called Government. While I was doing research in relation to the law and my rights, I discovered that Housing NSW like the Banks exactly, got paid for their services but would never give us Invoices of Receipts for our payments, be it rent, water or Account service fee in case of Banks, interest, or any other payment which also includes credit card payments and their interest. So I wrote to Housing NSW and demanded receipts for all payments I made to them to be shocked again and discover that whatever I do in the whole world, I will never be given a receipt for my payments to Housing NSW. This was in contravention of their own laws, rules and regulations. I subsequently referred the matter to CONSUMER TRADER AND TENANCY TRIBUNAL (CTTT) to very soon find out that (CTTT) is just another subdivision of our incorporated Government. I made summons to have Housing NSW produce 5 documents. Housing NSW produced none. According to the law or more appropriately the legislation, CTTT Judge suppose to send the Police with a warrant to force Housing NSW to get the documents which they failed to produce in accordance with an official summons made and approved at the CTTT. But the Judge AKA Member kept silent and pretended as though nothing happened. Then I demanded at CTTT from Housing to give me receipts and invoices according to Residential Tenancy Act 2010. CTTT also contradicted the Residential Tenancy Act and refused to order Housing NSW to give me receipts or invoices. I for the first time in my Australian life discovered that the law is an illusion, our rights is an illusion later Australian Human Rights Commission is also an illusion. In every subsequent dispute I filed, be it to a Private Corporation, so called Government, Courts, Ombudsmen, Tribunals, Attorney General, Minister, Prime Minister. Not one single dispute was resolved in my favor even though the law prescribed and instituted everything that I relied on in my disputes. 
Well of course now I know that nothing the TV, all main stream Media and the so called Government say is true. Everything we are told is lies and brainwashing to keep the public compliant and obedient to a massive conspiracy the history had never known. We are slaves without our knowledge or consent. The so called Australian Government is not The Commonwealth of Australia Government. The Commonwealth of Australia Government was actually abandoned around 1986. Today we have the so called The Government of Australia. The elections are illusion. We do not have a choice in who we have as our Government. It is all gone. The Government offices have become corporations and all are subsidiaries to the Privately owned Reserve Bank of Australia. The Reserve Bank is one of the ten Communist Manifesto. Which should be a massive indication to our slavery. But people cannot see that nor could I seven years ago. To my other shock, I discovered that the Prime Minister's Office is known as AFG Pty Ltd. AFG Stands for Australian Federal Government. So all other Government offices, they are all incorporated and you really want to know as to hierarchy of the Governing System of Australia. The ultimate Government is the Reserve Bank of Australia. After that, the Reserve Bank set up a ruling body called Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to which every Government Office is subject. Be it the Prime Minister's Office, the Premier's Office or whatever Government Office exists. We are finished. The nation was sold to Private interests. All the laws of this country are laws of the international corporate admiralty laws. Apparently we no longer live on the land, we live on the high seas. The law is a very long and very complex story to write here. One must do his own research in relation to the law, the Constitution, the rights and privileges etc. etc.     

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