Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Australian Government, The New World Order The United Nations. All are attacking my family due to being Christians

This email was sent to United Nations Human Rights Commission on 8 January 2015. Read and learn

George Katanasho and on behalf of Shengkui Li, Fengkai Liu and Noah Li Katanasho
26 Benfield Pde
Panania NSW 2213
Phone: 0452217466

United Nations Human Rights Commission

Due to the fact that we can no longer approach any section of the Australian Government, as I mentioned in my previous emails that attacks against this family do originate from the Australian authority backed by the New World Order Government. I have informed you that the Police launched an attack against us coming right to our door. Last week and this week, we were attacked by TPG Telecom Limited many times. Everyone one of the above attacks were exposed by me and failed to achieve their objectives in favor of the New World Order Government against us. In other words trying to use the law and Mental institution failed. A while back, we had presumably a man come to the backyard and knocked on walls, fences, etc. I contacted the Police, and the Police informed me that they will sending a car to patrol our area for a while. Miraculously the attacks in our backyard ceased. Now that the above mentioned criminals failed very miserably using their corporations and so called governments, they decided to send this man or may be another to bang on our walls in the backyard in the middle of the night while it is dark. Now this Government of the world always must send us 2 messages every single time regardless of they are. In this instance, they sent me an email from ACER informing the same thing as they did a week or so ago and the attack in the backyard, that makes 2. This is Satanic perpetration known so much in the Satanic world. i.e As above so below, black and white freemasonry etc. In other words those who are attacking us are of the Luciferian religious persuasion. On the other hand we are of the Christian persuasion. Christians force no one to believe what they want or do not want to believe. On the other hand the Luciferians force people to follow their pagan criminal religion. I am 100% aware that you know all these things due to the very strong presence of the Theosophical Society in the United Nations, as well as the Pagan Vatican. 

Now, to go back to the knocking on our walls in the middle of the night, I cannot call the Police because the Police department is a known section of the criminals mentioned above, and it is even likely that either a Police officer is doing the crimes or an informer of the Police. Now tell me: What does one do when one loses all forms of government authority in his country? Where would he go for protection? 

I will leave that in your hands. Should you decide to ignore the fact that we are continuously under attack, we will have no option but to involve the International community and I will be appealing to every embassy in Canberra for protection.


Legal Representative

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