Thursday, January 8, 2015

Threatening email I sent to the United Nations 8 Jan 2015 Due to continued harassment by them because we are Christians

You listen and listen very well. You have deprived us from all law enforcements and judicial system because of your stupid one world government that refuses to govern. We have absolutely no protection whatsoever. TPG phoned us 5 times today after asking them 3 times in emails not to contact us. Then they switched off my internet connection for half a minute because I refused to talk to them. There is no benefit for anyone in talking to people who utter nothing but lies. What do they benefit? And where is our rights. Now you are unable to stop them because the orders come from you. I know that and you know that. Today, I am letting things settle a little. But trust me, I have reserved much for difficult times. You keep doing that, and I keep exposing you to more and more powers and people.
This is enough for now

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