Monday, February 2, 2015

Last email sent to Chinese consulate regarding Illuminati's persecution of a Chinese citizen resides in Australia

1 February 2015
Dear #########
One the recent acts the Western Authorities have chosen to do is to damage a new computer that belongs to Shengkui Li. The purchase cost was $1300.00 Australian.
(please see attached document)
The electronic manipulation has not ceased whatsoever. The internet hacking, the disabling of software programs continues. (Please see attached video).
$3000.00 Australian were stolen from our home, an issue we mentioned previously to you. The PC damage. And The Commonwealth Bank who debited about $70.00 Australian under false claims, which I previously mentioned to you. We wrote two letters to COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA., one of which was deleted from our computer through hacking into it. So far the CBA is refusing to respond due to their expressed involved through their conspiracy of silence and the deleting of an official document from our computer.
I do not know what has to happen to Shengkui Li and her family before you do something about these continuous issues. 7 years and more of defending ourselves only for survival against the pretended Governments. You told me to refer the matter to the Authorities. I did and I proved to you that there is no Authority in Australia other than the ones who are continuously launching their attacks on us. I do not know why you too are silence knowing that your Chinese citizens are not safe under the western rule. I personally am tired of fighting them. I cannot keep this up. I need help. I genuinely need help. I am very aware of the political and economical major issues that are taking place, but I thought that an attack on one Chinese is an attack on China. And if I do not come to you for help, where else would I go under this kind of circumstance?
Thank you for your understanding.

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