Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter sent to New South Wales Premier awaiting reply (To be updated).

Due to the fact that I do not know who directs all the attacks on us and make the decisions to destroy us, I can only send this letter to the Premier of NSW and then the Premier without a doubt will deliver it to the anonymous entity mentioned above.

26 ######### Pde 
Panania NSW 2213
2 February 2014
To whom it may concern [if there is a concerned party]
Ah, you did what was never done in Australia before against a Chinese citizen and an Australian and now two Australian residents, crimes that had begun 7 plus years ago. You tried every crappy legal method to destroy us, imprison us, send us to a mental institution, theft of money, neighbours attacks, police attacks, police informant attacks, CTTT attacks, Housing NSW attacks, ANZ Bank attacks, NSW Trustee attacks, Guardianship Tribunal Attacks, all the Telecommunication company's attacks, Concrete company attacks, even Chicken food shop attacks, Supreme court of NSW attacks, Parramatta court refusal to accept legal and lawful statement of claim, and the list goes on and on and on. You know what, even the United Nations Human Rights Commission. And now we are under the attacks of TPG, Telecommunication company, hackers, and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. You have one hell of a Resume and you still want me to recognize an Australian Authority? You have got to be joking. I mean it is extremely laughable if it was not a matter of life and death. Before you start sending us letters, if you wish for us to recognize thse letters and open them, you have to start by recognizing our legal rights, lawful inalienable rights, our human rights and compensation for more than seven years of persecution. Otherwise don't bother sending us letters or contacting us for whatever reason because we do not recognize any Australian Austhority, whether it is a corporation or even if there was such a thing as a legitimate Government. I hope you understand, though from experience I say, you do not understand even the smallest of issues. I personally call that brain blocked, heartless, ruthless criminal order.
Got that?

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