Monday, February 2, 2015

This email was sent to People's Republic of China on behalf of a persecuted Chinese citizen residing in Australia

George Katanasho
on behalf of Shengkui Li

2015 January 20

​Dear Sir/Madam

I was very much hoping that the people after your citizen and her mother now that she is visiting Australia and very much benefits from Shengkui Li's household items now have to go through the same attacks as Shengkui Li since they are directed at this address and have to use the same things while staying in Australia.

Now first of all, by mistake I sent you email that was meant for the UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, which is a joke, I know. There is no such thing as Human Rights in the United Nations which was confirmed by President Putin in his address to Validi and President Netanyahu directly condemned the Human Rights commission. Those two super powerful individuals cannot be wrong. However the reason I write only to the United Nations is an obvious reason after what happened to Shengkui Li for the last 7 years and that is, that there is no independent government in Australia. Australia cannot breath air without a permission from what President Putin called the Foreign Policy Elite of the United States, a careful choice of words in his reference to those behind the lawless and extortionists New World Order Government (Criminal enterprise, according to president Putin). 

The above lawless, without rules, criminal extortionist mentioned above, by force want my wife and the rest of us in this household to worship the god of the Illuminati and Freemasonry. According to them, this god is Satan, the most evil spirit that gives them periodical instructions as to what to do next and everything he tells them is entirely destructive to all mankind and themselves included. Yes it is true. That's what their literature claim. Not my words but theirs but the very proven fact that the United Nations have a very powerful entity called "Theosophical Society", anyone learns their literature will come to the same conclusion. These people are suicidal maniacs. They neither want to live nor to allow anyone else to live. They want everything and I mean "Everything" destroyed. 

These people mentioned above have not yet come to terms with the idea that Shengkui Li is a Chinese citizen and her son is half Chinese, as well as her mother is also a Chinese citizen and Shengkui Li's husband is her only protection in Australia due to the fact that she is uneducated, does not know the national or international laws. She has no clue what her rights are. This criminal entity mentioned above feeds on the illiteracy of people concerning the law and their rights and use their media 100% solely to keep the people totally brainwashed and continue to believe the lies that are ending their lives literally. Therefore these continued attacks by the Police and on the electronic systems that are in our possessions are but a response to defending ourselves from going to prison. mental institution or financially destroyed. And they continue.

Recently I contacted ACER Australia from which Shengkui Li purchased a PC and explained to them as to the errors that were all over the PC. Prior to sending the PC, I did a recovery on the PC, in other words, I recovered the PC all the way back to its original factory settings. I then did a test and found that all the errors were removed from the PC. But because of hackers, I experienced some faults and explained to ACER as to was happening and their reply was that there was some hardware problem and asked me to send them the PC for repairs.  Just after Christmas I sent them the PC. While they had the PC they phoned me to extract some confession as to the PCs problems. I said that yes the PC did switch off randomly a few times but I think they were as a result of hacking, but they may check the PC and see for themselves as to what could be the problem. To keep the story short, I received the PC supposedly repaired with absolutely no hardware problems and no errors. But that was not the case.
1. The PC arrived very clean as new. Which is a way to show that they did something and that they did do.
2. They sent the PC with no report whatsoever as to what was done to it and whether any hardware parts were replaced.
3. After switching on the PC, it refused to istall Adobe Reader X and Microsoft Office 2003. 
4. The PC went totally frozen and would not do anything whatsoever. I am leaving it like that until some authority come to my house and see for themselves what ACER Australia did to a brand new computer that came from ACER supposedly renewed and reinstalled only minutes after starting it.

Now you may ask: Why would they do that? I tell you why. Because the criminals who work in a monolithic system conspired with all other corporations, got all the information about the complaints filed by us, and subsequently reinstalled all the errors that the hackers installed in the PC so to prove that there was no hackers but the system is actually corrupt. Mind you prior to sending it to them, the PC was working to perfection after the hackers slowed down on attacking the system. However the reason I sent the PC to ACER Australia is to prove that the problems were not a result of the PCs problems but a result of hacking and that was confirmed to 100% today by what happened to the PC after receiving it today. 
Now the hackers have been sending insignificant attacks that they corrected immediately. They are letting me know that they are still after us and had not stopped attacks and will not stop their attacks. 
Now this is very important. The hackers previously destroyed almost every function of Shengkui Li's older computer. But since I did the last recovery on the computer back to its original factory settings, it worked better than ever. Another proof that only hackers were destroying both PCs. Whenever I switched on one PC, they did all they know to disable one or many functions. Since the last complaint to you, the United Nations and the Russian Government, the hacking is still present but not very destructive as it was before.

Now, I will be attaching some documents in my next email. I am a very ill man and I am very tired now. 
You acceptance of receiving this intelligence is much, much appreciated.


George on behalf od Shengkui Li, Noah LI Katanasho and Fengkai Liu

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