Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What is happening by USA concerning Ukraine and Russia

Putin is a very smart man, but I do not believe in Angels among politicians, however under the circumstances, Putin did all the right things except for mistakenly believing that compromise with the west will bear fruit for both sides. The only fruit that it born is that it exposed the west i.e. USA's true agenda. USA is not Governed by Obama administration and Putin said that in one of his speeches. USA is Governed by the CFR also known as Counsel on Foreign Relations, in which its membership include most of the prominent people in USA, who make all the foreign policies of USA. This may sound harmless until one realizes that the CFR is in fact a religious entity that makes its decisions only in accordance with Luciferian doctrines and all of which are destructive and final, uncompromising and will be pursued until the end regardless of the human casualties and all other consequences. Take for example Iran. 30 odd years ago USA decided to topple the Iran regimes to bring them in line with the New World Order. Presidents changed and policies changed in Iran but the US Policy still stands. Syria was under the US radar for decades, and Syria did not escape its destruction due to its refusal to align itself with the New World Order. In the case of Europe. East Europe was part of the Soviet Union. This did not go in line with the New World Order's policy that the entire world shall be governed by one single central government for the entire world. This is where Russia made its biggest mistake when Russia agreed to free the Eastern European nations and agreed with the West to never include Eastern Europe into the European Union. This exclusion of East Europe from the Soviet Union was a major victory for the New World Order Governing body which was announced with great triumph by George Bush Senior in the very beginning of the 1990s when he informed the world of the New World Order as being very possible then following the so called freeing of all Europe. Unbeknownst to the Soviet;s Government, this was a step forward to bringing the entire Europe under the control of the New World Order one world, one nation. Following that, NATO and Europe started moving in on Eastern Europe. And when they discovered through watching the Russian Government very intently over the decades that Russia still wish to be a sovereign nation and will join Europe and the west but still have its own Government within its borders governing their own nation without external intervention, hell broke loose. Now Russia is not as many would like to believe under the old cold war revisited. Russia now is under the hot war that was not predicted by Russia. Like Iraq, Syria, Iran et al, Russia is now at war with the west and the west will not leave unless they brought Russia and China into the New World Order and this negotiation for peace that is pursued by many politicians that are pretending to advice Russia as to what to do in order to get peace with the west is nothing but demanding of Russia to submit its nation under the New World Order's agenda or be destroyed. There will never be peace negotiations between the west and Russia. The decision by the west was made and they will compromise. They came Ukraine for a reason and they remain in East Europe until they brought Russia and China fully into the New World Order. Just watch and see. Any compromise the west will make, must be another step towards the New World Orderizing of Russia. And then the west will breach all agreements again and start new negotiations until they advance their agenda further. By Putin not allowing himself to be intimidated by the Western aggression in Ukraine and the rest of the Eastern European Nations, he only delayed the inevitable. Yes Putin outsmarted the West, but that was winning a battle in a major war. Who wins the war? Keep watching.   .   

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