Monday, June 29, 2015

An Open letter to the administration that stand under the name Google

Uploading videos was impossible yesterday. Today I found my letters is my blog herein were hacked and changed and when I tried to edit them, I was not allowed by the hackers. They used all kinds of manipulations to prohibit me from editing and correcting what was changed by the hackers. All that because I informed the Australian pretended Authorities that I no longer recognize them and will no longer contact them or ask them for anything. They think that if they keep me busy, I will eventually conform to a criminal system. I am afraid I never will neither will my family. How on earth do you expect a Christian to conform to a criminal system and perpetrate your kind of crimes? It is the very reason why you are trying to annihilate all Christians around the world because they are the one people that will never accept you, submit to you or conform to your system. So we demand that you leave our Email Accounts, YouTube Accounts, Google + Accounts, our Google Blog and leave us use the internet freely without continued harassment.

I hope to hear from you very soon.

George and on behalf of Shengkui Li and Baby Noah

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