Saturday, June 27, 2015

An open letter to the so called Government of the State of New South Wales (NSW PTY LTD), the Federal Government (AFG PTY LTD) and the so called Local Government which is unauthorized by the Australian Constitution!

From George of the Katanasho Clan, Shengkui of the Li Clan and Noah of both the Katanasho and Li Clans to AFG PTY LTD, NSW PTY LTD and the Australian Constitutionally unauthorized LOCAL GOVERNMENT. 

27th day of the month of June 2015.

Dear all Australian pretended Governments

7 and 1/2 years, 7 and 1/2 years you criminals could not accept responsibility for one single tiny crime out of thousands of crimes you perpetrated against us. And instead of even trying to comprehend as to what was referred to you by us in many thousands of documents, you employ a professional spy agency to pursue us 24/7 perpetrating all kinds of crimes against us making use of every so called Law Enforcement Agencies, Tribunals, Courts, so called State Government departments and the so called Federal Government departments to launch their satanic war against a poor, law abiding family. One member of our family against which you perpetrated your crimes against and violated her lawful and human rights is a Chinese citizen while you fill up the internet with websites persecuting the Chinese Government for Human Rights violations, and while you are signatories to the United Nations' Human Rights Conventions and China isn't. Have you absolutely no shame?

We refer our complaint to the Federal Attorney General sending him 4000 documents of evidence of crimes perpetrated against our family, and instead of investigating ASIO, the Attorney General launches his new attacks on us??? What on earth you people of the above mentioned corporations are made of?

Only if the Australian people wake up to what you are doing to this Nation and who you really are, a massive revolution would be launched before the next morning. What exactly do you want and what are you trying to achieve?
And the Office of Information Commission blatantly lie about the responsibilities of ASIO and claim that ASIO is above the law, only so they do not answer for the crimes they perpetrated.

The entire Australian System of so called Government is nothing but incorporated organized criminal enterprise. Not only Australians but the entire international community should be terrified as to who this Australian governing system is.

The end of this open letter 27 June 2015

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