Tuesday, July 7, 2015

An open criminal report against YouTube hacking our YouTube accounts and preventing us from accessing our Channels 8 July 2015 at around 9:30 AM

George of the Katanasho Clan
and on behalf of 
Shengkui of the Family of Li
Owners of YouTube Channels:

                                             Fire and Brimstone.
                                             Repent and Live.
                                             Repent and Be Saved. 
To Google's YouTube 

Crime Report of George of the Katanasho Clan and Shengkui of the Family of Li on 8th day of July in the year 2015

Watch the following uploaded video in evidence against you and the hackers employed to harass us:

We worked very hard to on our channels uploading multitudes of videos. Our previous YouTube channel namely ITCCS Common Law was attacked by you whereby you gave us two strikes without a prior warning and without giving us a chance to delete the videos you claimed that were uploaded in breach of the Copyright Laws. We put up with that and decided to delete the channel altogether though we had near 700 videos uploaded into the channel and near 600 subscribers were subscribed to the channel mentioned above.

Subsequent to deleting the above mentioned Channel we tried to access our other Channels which we were forced to create due to your two strikes without any warning. However we decided that since you unlawfully targetted us as undesirable YouTube customers, we decided to challenge every attack you launched against us when you falsely claimed that we breached the Copyright laws, when you sometimes made claims of the use of Copyrighted Music in our videos when the videos never contained any Music, when you also claimed that we breached the Copyright laws uploading our videos that contained Music that was publicly available all over YouTube and freely downloadable Music from variety of websites. In short, you hate those YouTubers that upload Videos that speak the truth. You obviously prefer otherwise. Therefore, since we are unable to get your responses when we file direct complaints to you via copyright@youtube.com email address, we publicly file this criminal report against you. And if there is such a thing as justice, which we know that in Australia, following 7 and 1/2 years of filing complaints to the Australian judicial system and the so called Government Departments we found that law does not exist and Government in itself is just a puppet of the Corporate elite. 

We hope that this public condemnation will serve to get us some justice no matter how little it may be.

George of the Katanasho Clan
and on behalf of 

Shengkui of the Family of Li  

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