Saturday, July 4, 2015

An open letter to the powers that be behind the so called Australian Government 03 July 2015. [EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO READ FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL NOT IN THE KNOW].

George and on behalf of
Shengkui Li
Fengkai Liu

Panania NSW 2213

The powers that be that direct the pretended so called Australian Government

03 July 2015

You suspended my DRIVER'S LICENSE for 7 long years. Why are you refusing to reinstate it though when it was suspended illegally due to the fact that I refused to pay Bankstown City Council 2 Parking so called Infringements because all city Councils are unauthorized by the Australian Constitution Act, thereby it makes all Local Governments "Criminal Enterprises"? Is recognition of the Australian Constitution become a criminal act? So why should anyone pay a cent to a Local Government? How could this be a reason you suspend one's DRIVER'S LICENSE and for 7 years? And you still refuse to reinstate it despite referring your criminal matter that deprived us from the convenient travel for so many years? And of course after so many appeals you refuse to investigate the matter, why should you? Because if you did it would expose your crimes.

It may please you to know that you have worn us out by using all Australian and foreign Corporate offices to attack us from every front for the last 7 and 1/2 years but regardless of how hard it will get, we will continue demanding our rights from the criminal usurpers who stole our country and abolished all sections of all of the Australian Government and became ruled by the Banking Elite.

Today you are continuing your attacks on our PC's Operating System and other private installed software programs. You clearly do not want to leave us alone. YouTube harassed us continually. Google Blog also harassed us. Hackers terrorized us, and to my surprise, for the first time since I installed the Chinese owned Kingsoft Office Suite, the competition to Microsoft Office, was hacked and manipulated so it was harder for us to use. I would have thought that Kingsoft Office Suite was untouchable by the Western Corporate Control powers due to the fact that it is a company that enjoys the support of the Chinese Government. But if you dared attacking a totally abiding Chinese citizen who resides in Australia supposedly under your protection and you involved many Corporations that falsely claim to be Government Departments, frrom Federal to State pretended Governments employees, should have really not surprised me that it was only a matter of time until you hack Kingsoft Office Suite.

Ah, but now, since I sent an email to the Federal Minister for Department of Human Services informing the Minister of the Crimes perpetrated against Shengkui Li by the Registered corporation namely COMMONWEALTH SERVICE DELIVERY AGENCY better known as Centrelink and now it calls itself Department of Human Services, and subsequently I withdrew the email minutes only after sending it because we know as a result of 7 and 1/2 years experience, the Minister for Department of Human Services will do nothing at all, and if she did, it would be a criminal attack on us as did the Federal Attorney General only days before I sent the email mentioned above.

For years I corresponded with the powers that control Australia and its pretended Government via Australia Post, emails and I even made use of the phone to attempt to stop the perpetual attacks on this family. And all I gained was to discover that Australia and its so called Governments are privately owned corporations, most of its owners are USA and British wealthy elite that conform only to Satanism. I also discovered that you would rather see all of us dead than stop your criminal attacks against us. In 7 and 1/2 years, your refused to address, in accordance with the signed Human Rights Conventions and the so called Australian law law that really does not exist, one single matter out of thousands we sent to you. And instead of helping us (Australians and Chinese citizens) you sent the officers of the Corporation known as NSW POLICE to physically attack us, kidnap my few months old baby with his mother Shengkui Li and conducted an illegal search of our home and did that in conspiracy with NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION better known as Housing NSW and also now called Department of Human Services which united the Federal corporations with the State ones; and also conspired with the POLICE, DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SERVICES, better known as DOCS. You even sent your professional spies to steel AUD $3,000.00 from Shengkui Li's bedroom cupboard, and even recently you commanded an American Corporation called PAYONEER that provides VISA DEBIT CARDS to actually rob Shengkui Li's VISA DEBIT CARD account AKA VISA PREPAID CARD account a possibly massive US $7,000.00. There is nothing that would stop your attacks against us. The above mentioned crimes perpetrated against us are only a few out of many thousands that we no longer can count them due to their massive number.

I have some questions for you here: Since you never honor the law, you never honor your own corporate rules, you do not care as to whether an Australian is Registered in the pretended NSW department known as BIRTHS, DEATHS AND MARRIAGES, and despite the fact that an unregistered name cannot possibly be recognized by your incorporated system, yet you ordered CONSUMER, TRADER AND TENANCY TRIBUNAL to make orders and force administering those orders against an unregistered in-existent individual who signed no contracts with the above mentioned Tribunal? And why is it that Housing NSW accepted the above mentioned unregistered name and signed a contract with this individual and for many years, Centrelink refused to accept the name mentioned above though Centrelink illegally paid rent to Housing NSW on behalf of two registered individuals to Housing NSW into an account that carries different name than their registered customers namely ROBERT GEORGE WILSON and SHENGKUI LI?
This is known as breaches of Privacy against the above 2 mentioned entities once on behalf of each of the two every fortnight. You count how many criminal breaches perpetrated by Centrelink against the above 2 mentioned entities. Despte the fact that I informed Centrelink many times that ROBERT GEORGE WILSON (Housing NSW Tenant) is not the same entity they are paying rent onhis wife's and his behalf. There is absolutely not one single law or corporate policy you accept if it doesn't suit you. So please do not start playing the name game with us, you never honor any of such corporate policies that are constituted by your powers.

In view of the above mentioned issues, do not expect us to reply to any correspondences you send us. We are promptly throwing them into the rubbish bin as they arrive. We will never conform to your criminal Satanic System regardless of what you do. You only have the power to kill the body, but our God has the power to throw you all in hell until eternity. So you either murder us or possibly repent though that would seem far fetched concerning you at this time.

Do not pretend that there are Government Departments and administer their departments under some sort of law. So do not expect us to understand that there is such a thing known in the dictionary as law. This is final. No letters will be accepted, no phone calls will be replied to, and no one has any permission to enter the residence in which we reside.  [To be improved and continued].

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