Thursday, July 30, 2015

An Open Letter to the Pretended Prime Minister of Australia 31 July 2015 3:07AM

I sent you multitudes of emails and letters before that. For years I appealed to you concerning the crimes that were perpetrated against my family and I. All my appeals fell on deaf ears. A couple of days ago you send Shengkui Li a letter claiming in it that we have very strong legal system and strong privacy laws. How do you make such false claims when you supposedly the man who resides on the top job in Australia and suppose to be representing the Australian people? I take it that you have no shame when you pretend to be replying to an email I sent to you a very long time ago and your reply came after the issue that you addressed in your letter was finalised by us making the decision that ASIO (Australian Security Investigation Organization) is a criminal entity subsequent to receiving a letter from Office of the Australia Information Commission informing us that ASIO is above the law. And that came after I was informed over the phone by the office of the local Federal MP that ASIO is placed all Australians under surveillance regardless who it is and some of which are the officers that work for the Federal MP mentioned above. So lying to us does not get you anywhere, on the contrary, that I have documents to prove the contradictions between various federal offices concerning ASIO is condemning to the entire system to say the least. For this reason and the fact that I have become aware of how the entire Australian system runs, and who really is holding the strings above the Australian ruling puppets, made my family and I targets by not only ASIO but also all the Intelligence Agencies of the Western World, and for 7 and 1/2 years now and continuing, every corporation, whether it claims to be a Government entity or one that claims to be a private corporation have targetted us and conspired in the destruction of my family and I who all we want is to just live an ordinary life and be law abiding residents of Australia as we have always been. 

It seems that as targets we rank above multitudes of targetted individuals around the world. I am not certain why. But most targetted individuals that I know of have Driver's Licenses and Websites of their own. However in our case, such things are made impossible for us to have. My Driver's License was suspended for the true reason that I have become aware that all Local Governments are not authorised by the Australian Constitution. I just want to know, how is this my fault. Even the President of the Local Government Association have a Website that also informs the Australian public that all Local Governments are not authorized by the Australian Constitution. When Kevin Rudd was a Prime Minsister, he too made the same claim. So why only me, who is not allowed to make such a claim. This is a public information fact.

Then Shengkui Li, my wife, who in and around the last week tried to purchase Website Hosting services with two different companies. With the first company that is known as OZEVISIONWEBHOSTING, Shengkui Li was terrorised right from the get go. She did sign up, she paid the money, but she was not allowed to use her account. Although the company mentioned above appeared to be the soul responsible for the hacking attacks on Shengkui Li's website service, from previous experience, we know that whoever makes the decisions in the secret department of individual's targetting was sending the orders to terrorize us and also hacking Shengkui Li's web hosting account. Then when Shengkui Li demands a full refund, she gets back only half of the money, though asking for the refund was not a result of her own fault, and instead of being compensated for being attacked by the criminal New World Order, she only gets back a little above half of the money she paid. And OZEVISION sent an email saying, if you are not happy with the partial refund, go and complain to your Bank. People with no shame whatsoever. 

Then subsequent to some research, Shengkui Li found another Web Hosting company by the name of ipage. With ipage, things got even worse than OZEVISION. Subsequent to signing up and paying the company the money, every single action taken by us to build a website was manipulated and disabled. In other words, they sent us a message saying, that they do not want us to build a website. The same thing happened and we demanded a refund, and again we got a partial refund. 

Yesterday, Shengkui Li went for a Driving Test with RMA. A woman who have very little knowledge of Australia's ruling system and the New World Order crap, never ever complained about anything the Government ever did to her. I was always taking on this burden. And for the first time, after she had her Driving Test, she came home very upset. She said that she was failed by RMA's tester under false claim that she breached the road rules when she didn't. She did not complain only to me, but she also complained to her driving instructor. When she explained to me what happened, I became certain that my wife was made to fail due to being a New World Order's targetted individuals. 

Mr. Pretended Prime Minister, did you even read any of the letters and emails that I sent to you? I know that you never replied and when I received a reply from your office  the other day, the reply was authored by some officer in your department. I personally do not believe that you have any idea what is going on concerning us. And I doubt that you personally will be reading this open letter.

When do you people of this inverted Utopian New World Order crap going to wake up to yourselves and stop your attacks against us? Why are we not allowed to obey the law? What sort of system demands of the residents to disobey the law? What on earth are you thinking?     

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