Monday, July 6, 2015

An open letter to those that call themselves Government of Australia 7 July 2015

To whom it may concern

On behalf of George of the family of Katanasho, Noah of the families of Li and Katanasho and Shengkui of the family of Li declare to the very best of my knowledge and 7 and 1/2 + experience as well as thousands of documented evidences that all the Australian pretended Government to be organized criminals and have absolutely no jurisdiction over all three above mentioned individuals.

I have referred multitudes of complaints to you regarding your internet hackers. You instead sent Bankstown Mental Health to check on our sanity. What is so amazing is that with all the letters that we wrote from the so called Prime Minister of Australia all the way down NSW POLICE and every time we complained about persecution by the so called Government, we got either the Taxation Office sent us demands, or the Police coming to entrap us and physically attack us or mental health checking on our sanity thereby trying to cause a mental disability record filed against us as did one of your criminal Tribunals. Much happened over the years and multitudes of complaint filings involving all the law administration entities that doesn't in reality exist to serve the Public but Corporate Elite of the world that bought Australia and Australians. You people have no humanity in you, you are all like zombies, you take orders blindly and just perform your duties to your utmost best ability for fear of reprisals from the Corporate network controlling entities.

Even though you were informed that the accounts and PCs you are hacking and attacking belong to a Law abiding Chinese citizen resides in Australia under the Protection of the above mentioned powers, and yet you find yourselves unable to cease such criminal activities and perpetual persecutions. Now that you are condemned publicly, I hope that one day you become aware that to be condemned publicly is a great deal more serious than your presumption. Time will tell.

Please watch the video produced by screen capture software for your public condemnation to see a small part of how much manipulation your hackers are persecuting. Maybe one day one of you will wake up from his zombie nature.

What Shengkui Li wants is:

  1. Cease your persecution against her.
  2. Remove your criminal fingers from the devices that help you perform your hacking and at such kind total manipulation of every account, software, internet and PCs.
George on behalf of
Shengkui Li (Poor, uneducated, Chinese citizen and Resident of Australia and totally abiding resident of Australia). 

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