Monday, July 6, 2015

An open letter to YouTube concerning copyrighted material YouTube copyright breach false claims and harassment

Dear YouTube.

It appears that you have nothing to do but harass us. Your continual claims as to breaches of copyright that turn out to be falsified for the purpose of harassment is deemed criminal in Australia. When a piece of Music is made freely available for the Public and such fact documented on Google search and YouTube, it is very obvious that the owner of the material mentioned above does not claim copyright breaches when used. So the question is: Why does YouTube on behalf of the owner claims copyright breach?
In a recent email you sent me, you claimed that you do not mediate between the concerned parties. If this is not mediation then what is!!!

YouTube get of our back.

The uploaded video that contains the falsely claimed copyright breach by YouTube is as follows:

The Music YouTube claims to have been used in breach of the copyright laws is as follows: Future World Music (Millenium) - Oceans Of Time. (This music is found on Google for free download and use). It is also found on YouTube for free download and watching/listening. 

Is YouTube Copyright Department aware of this fact? They are fully aware due to the fact that the video that coontains the above mentioned music is copied from another YouTube Channel and permitted the use of it. And it is also found on my other YouTube Channel namely, Repent or Burn. The link is as follows:

YouTube is just another major member of the "Great Plan" as it is called in secret by the conspirators.

George and on behalf of 
Shengkui Li (Chinese citizen residing in Australia supposedly under the protection of the Western Powers/Australian so called Government).

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