Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Australian Security and Investigation Organization in conspiracy with YouTube to harass Australian residents that speak out and have a YouTube Channel

YouTube together with the Australian Security Investigation Organization (ASIO) have been using all Western World corporations to do whatever they have in their power and whatever they can use to harass and attack all kinds of internet accounts of, you would not believe it, a Chinese citizen resides in Australia. The Western powers that be are hypocrites and liars. If one googles China Human Rights violations, one will find millions of western websites against China and its Government, and yet here we have in Australia a Chinese citizen who has been residing in Australia for the last 7 and 1/2 years. The Australian so called Government spies did everything to violate her human rights, right from the day she filed a complaint against Centrelink for robbing her. & and 1/2 years on and the Western incorporated so called Governments and all private corporations had her in the cross hairs and attacked her from every possible front. Today uploading a video is becoming near impossible. The uploading speed YouTube hackers are permitting her now is 22Kb/ps as oppose to 110Kb/ps. And you think that they stop at that? No they don't. Every activity whether over the internet or on the local PC is attacked. We indeed live under an entirely criminal system that operates only with total secrecy. But thank God for the internet wherein we can at least expose some of their crimes. Whosoever believes that there is any separation between western nation is 100% wrong. I have the documents in the thousands to prove that the western nations are totally monolithic and united under the Vatican's rule.

Please watch the video below to see the proof of the uploading speed mentioned above.

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