Friday, July 17, 2015

Extremely surprising: Modem switched off and Communication Cables removed and yet I was hacked

These conspirators to destroy our lives just simply left nothing unturned. It turns out that in the New PCs they installed a hidden Modem available for access only to the New World Order criminals. After I was harassed by some hacking, I went to my Modem and pulled out the Telecommunication Cable. What we are told is that if there no cables connected to the Modem, then our PCs cannot receive an internet signal. My PC also indicated only on the bottom right hand icon that there is no internet connection. Then I clicked to open my Browser and the Browser indicated that connection is not there. Then I opened the internet connection window on the right side by clicking the Internet Connection indicator icon, and my PC indicated that it is detecting 4 close by connected PCs. But that was not the only indicator. I also opened the Internet Speed Meter, and it indicated that data going out and data coming in. What??? The Modem is dead, My PC cannot connect to the internet. How does the PC sends and receives data?

Furthermore, while I had no internet connection, I was editing some videos, and while doing that, I was harassed by hackers. Then one can very easily conclude, that internet connection does not necessarily have to be present for us in order for the Secret Intelligence Agencies to access our PCs and manipulate our data.

Be warned. You may need to remove the WiFi Card out of your computer to stop the hackers from wireless-ly accessing your data.

Please do find a video and an image to show the evidence in support of my claim.

Although the number of bites is not large, but it is enough to do a lot of damage if the hacker wishes. Remember that was only in 21 minutes. I spent 4 hours offline.

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