Saturday, July 18, 2015

Google Is Truly a Criminal and Evil Corporation

So far, we have been harassed to the utmost possibility that can be done by the hackers of Google. (Please not: Hacking equals at least two crimes. 1. Using Electronic powers for terrorism and 2. Breach of Privacy Laws.) We have as a family of 3 two YouTube accounts. One is entirely inaccessible. It is totally hidden and whatever we do searching for it, it just does not appear. Now they decided to hide in the other remaining Channel the videos that are recommended for our subscriptions and all YouTube video recommendation. They treated our Channel as though we are not signed up to YouTube and have no Channel in our name. Google is used to show us the Utopia world that is promised to us by the New World Order in the Future. A world with no money (In your hands), no Courts (Justice is removed only from you). Food is allocated as they see fit etc. etc.

From our experience, they will be feeding the people food made from human cells. They are so evil, evil and evil one cannot even comprehend what they are preparing for the world in the very near future.

Trust me, stay away from these criminals, avoid as much as you can their products and advices and challenge them always using the law. This is what they use against us. Us their own weapon against them and don't be afraid, they are all fools and none that I know have much intelligence. They use their money and weapons to subjugate people but brain is not there. I have challenged them for 7 + years and discovered that they made a mistake after another which ended up getting them in very serious troubles, and I really mean very serious troubles.

God told us not to fear those that can kill the body, but fear God who can kill the body and soul and send you to eternal fire.

18 July 2015 

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