Saturday, July 11, 2015

More criminal perpetration by YouTube. Deceptive Practices and Harassments. Open Declaration that YouTube/Google is a criminal enterprise. 12 July 2015

The email with the attached Screen Captured Video as were sent to are as follows:

12 July 2015
To whom it may concern
I have just received a message of Copyright law violation message from you on a video that when it was uploaded, this message did not exist and a week later you decided to harass us, harassment is a criminal act in Australia and you pretended that we have already appealed the Copyright law violation on the above mentioned video and the appeal was rejected by you and recommended another appeal as I saw in your website. Now that does never happen.
What you are doing:
  • You are falsely accusing us of violating the copyright law. (Harassment)
  • You made the above claim one week after the upload. (Harassment)
  • You Claimed that we appealed the claim which you never made. (Deceptive Practice and Harassment).
  • You offered another appeal. You never do ordinarily unless something very serious is taking place. (Deceptive Practice and harassment).
  • The Music contained in the video is freely available on YouTube and other websites for download. (Deceptive practice and harassment).
Now our previous channel was viscously attacked by you and you gave us 2 strikes with no warning whatsoever. We did not dispute the issue. Now you are after us with our 2 new Channels.
You are not the only corporation that is after us. All the New World Order corporations are after us, mind you only the western ones. The western corporations are owned by Satanists and anything they do would be guaranteed to be to the utmost evil.
The Channel you attacked: Fire and Brimstone.
The Video you claim that it contains the Copyright law violation is: BE NOT DECIEVED BY The Great Deception Project Blue Beam.
I have previously asked you to butt off, but you never do because you are a criminal enterprise. And you know that the Australian so called Authorities would never prosecute you. Therefore, we are declaring you and the Australian so called Authority criminal.
Do what you want to our channels.
Screen Captured Video. What YouTube did
George and Shengkui

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