Saturday, July 18, 2015

So called Government Secret Intelligence Agency is hacking us again

This time, following the closing down of our Internet Browser and started to watch our own videos, the evil ones were not satisfied, they needed more attacks. As I did mention in my previous report, they have no IQ. This behavior will be building up to very serious International Legal confrontation whereby they will have no answer. Whatever they do, never say yes to them. These are corporations. Corporations cannot interact with people with flesh and blood humans. They know that they have no power over you and that is killing them. They have been working for centuries to subjugate people and oops, out of a sudden they created the Internet. The internet exposed their schemes and now they went back all the way to the beginning and working very hard to find a way to take our freedom away from us.
Don't worry, their end is very near, not from us, but from their own foolishness. Everything they do is self destroying.

I only pray the Lord Jesus Christ for their forgiveness and opening their eyes. Because their end, if they stay on this path, they will spend a miserable eternity.

Report 18 July 2015 at 8: 25 PM

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