Monday, July 20, 2015

The so called Government Intelligence Agencies (CIA/ASIO) just hacked us again and damaged a document of evidence 21 July 2015

We just signed up with OZE VISION Website Hosting international company with which we entered into a dispute. While I was sending OZE VISION a message via their provided Live Chat messaging centre on their Home Page, I recorded the messaging activity using AVS Video Editor's Screen Capture software. Usually the software mentioned above is as clear as can be to read what is written in the captured video or image. However because the dispute with the above Website Hosting company is very condemning to the New World Order's Gang Stalking of a Chinese citizen's accounts with various companies, and evidence that proves beyond any shadow of doubt, the New World Order's Intelligence Agencies' hackers perverted the course of justice by destroying the captured video mentioned above.

Please see what they did to the video below:

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