Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Two email sent OZE VISION website hosting company were intercepted and returned after a successful delivery

The email that was sent twice to OZE VISION Web hosting Company and was returned is as follows:

George on Behalf of Shengkui Li

Panania NSW 2213

Shengkui Li's OZE VISION username: zayyco
Shengkui Li's email address: (Provided to you already)
To whom it may concern
First of all I want you to know that Shengkui Li is a law abiding, peaceful resident of Australia and a Chinese citizen, holder of a Chinese passport and an Australian resident's Visa.
Shengkui Li never wishes to cause any trouble to anyone, however it appears that speaking out against the New World Order system is a great no, no. I am explaining to you as to the troubles Shengkui Li and family are enduring so you will not be able to claim that you did not know why we are being so severely attacked on all of our internet activities and in the physical world as well.
Now that the above is out of the way and I wish to reiterate that Shengkui Li's wishes is not to cause any trouble to you or anyone else. However it is become very evident that you are participating in the New World Order's Gang Stalking harassment which is deemed very illegal, many times already within only 3 days of Shengkui Li's signing up with you. 
The troubles you already created are as follows:
  • First of all, and this is a very serious point is that; depriving Shengkui Li from her legal rights in any way, shape or form would be deemed as high treason according to the Australian law and I am certain it would be according to the USA law. And the first thing we immediately noticed that you are creating some trouble for Shengkui Li was: Following signing up with your company, using your provided over your website secure Credit Card payment form, and your enabling Shengkui Li's access to her newly purchased website hosting Panel Control and permitting her to start working on the above mentioned website. Everything went very smoothly until 50 hours after signing up with you, Shengkui Li opens her Panel Control on Your Website and was hit with a message from you. In it you claimed that her payment was not verified until you phoned her to verify the payment she made to you for the hosting her website. That was very obvious to us that something is very wrong. In 25 years of making purchases using the credit or debit card, your company is the very first to come up with such claim. A claim that was proven to be false and special for Shengkui Li, when I personally discussed such issue with one of your officers at 9.00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time, and your officer confessed that there was absolutely no way for any of your officers to verify that the people on our end are those that made the purchase of the website hosting service from you. And when asked if he needed any information from us to verify our ID, he relied: "No". So the question begs here, if you do not need any information to verify the payment's information, why did you demand in an email we received from you that you need to call us to verify the payment? This we deem as an attack of harassment as the law in Australia deems it to be.
  • Following what happened in the above mentioned point, you went into hiding and the Secret Intelligence Agents of the New World order took over. First message I sent via your website went ignored, though you claim that you respond withone hour from receiving the message. And in the beginning, prior to entering into dispute with you, your practice was excellent. However since your harassment perpetration against Shengkui Li, everything started to malfunction; on your website and our installed software in our PC. This the kind of thing that we have been enduring for over 7 years. When I tried to message you again via your Contact Us link, the verification code provided by you, which is there to enable a customer to send you a message and for you to avoid receiving messages from robots. This verifying code was disabled in your message form mentioned above.
  • Now and this is the most terrible thing that happened and all in one single day. In our PC we have a software installed called AVS Video Editor, in which an image and video Screen Capture is a part. I went to your Live Chat link on your website's homepage and I wrote the introduction message and sent it to you. When we did that before, immediately one of you officers responded or within a minute. This time, your Live Chat window said that an officer who responds for calls on the Live Chat is not available. Actually knowing your supposed excellent service, that would never happen. But since you really were supported by the above mentioned hackers, you really did not want to receive the message, so I made a screen capture video of the Live Chat mentioned above and captured the activity and what I wrote in it. After producing the video captured as explained above, the video producing was manipulated by the hackers and made to be unreadable. This also happened many times before under exact dispute conditions. There you have it.
  • Following what happened above, I asked you to send me a copy of the Live Chat message I sent to you so I have a record of the destroyed Video captured message. Again no reply within an hour.
I think the least you can do is apologize to Shengkui Li in writing and unreservedly. Such demand I made of you twice now. And we humbly ask of you to take control over your company and stop allowing foreign entities to come between you and your customers especially Shengkui Li in this case. If you don't write an apology, I will have no option but to make public the entire story of the above mentioned dispute and possibly send the issue to a concerned appropriate authority. This is a right not a privilege.
Legal Representative on behalf of Shengkui Li

The following is the two images taken of the email returned notices:

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