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Update: The Powers that be's war extended to blatant thieving from Credit/Debit Cards Accounts Using OZE VISION WEBSITE HOSTING

Well what do you know? One thinks that using one's very private information handed over to a Website Hosting Company would be used with extreme care. But no, no, no, not even close. The Utopia that the New World Order's elite promises is just smoke and mirrors, dreams, imaginations that have nothing to do with the truth.
My dear friends, I want you to realize the seriousness of this issue. To most people the abuse of one's very private information in a thieving manner; literally stealing one's so called money is serious enough. But what you must know is that doing such a thing to a foreigner who lives within the Western Powers borders and under their protection is psychopathic. Now imagine that you go to live in China for years on a Resident Visa. You purchase from a Government owned company a Website Hosting service. Then as soon as you sign up and pay the company, you immediately start noticing that you are being targetted for destruction for absolutely no reason. You lived years in China, totally law abiding, never even got a traffic ticket or being charged for any wrong doing, suddenly the Chinese Government decides to target you and your family for destruction; how would that be viewed by say, the US Embassy should your report it, or the British, Australian etc.? People this becomes a civil domestic matter and a very serious international matter.
Years ago, the Western Main Stream Media went berserk when the Chinese authorities caught red handed an Australian Chinese industrial spy, sent by the Australian New World Order to China to steal some secret information. I reiterate; the man was caught red handed. And the Western Media and, the Western so called Governments went on TV and became a major issue. The spy was eventually convicted to 10 years imprisonment. It turns out that Western hypocrisy has no bound whatsoever.

I am Australian. My name is George. I married a Chinese woman 9 years ago. The date this Chinese woman stepped on Australian soil was the day of her persecution begun. The reason is, I had some knowledge of the law, and when the Australian so called Government tried to rip her off, I stood up and won the case. And that was our initiation into the secret world. The people of this world are unaware that they either live in one world or the other. Those who live as part of the secret world are aware of the two worlds, but given very little information to chew on. Just like dogs, the New World Order's powers throw them a bone every sometime to chew on. Everything is on need to know basis.
On the other hand 90%+ of the world's population do not know anything about the world that is literally hidden in plain sight. The most dangerous of which is the so called law. Very few people realize that Adolf Hitler destroyed his nation, massacred his people and burnt the Jews, all that was done lawfully. The same is happening today with all the world, except for foolish Obama. Obama is raising his own powers above the law. No, no, no, correction; the slave masters are making Obama rise above the law and they are giving him powers that are in contravention of the law and the constitution and, and, and.

Now let's return to the Company that is owned and run by the Illuminati. OZEVISION WEBHOSTING. . OZEVISION WEBHOSTING was used to target us for harassment, theft and intimidation. OZEVISION is a US based company that claims that they have servers and offices in Australia and Britain. They have a physical address in Sydney, Australia. However through my experience, I saw nothing to indicate that OZEVISION have anything to do with Australia except for the extended webhosting services.

The progression that took place from 19 July 2015 the day that we signed up with OZEVISION until this day the 26th day of July 2015 are as follows:

(Please note: I am going to leave judgement to you. You are the Jury.)

  • Before I got authorization from my wife to purchase in her name a Website Hosting services, I went to read some reviews on Web Hosting companies. OZEVISION had an excellent review. And I am certain that the above mentioned company has good services when they want, however being owned stock and barrel by an Illuminati entity, does scare those who are aware of what does the word Illuminati mean. (Do your search on YouTube for the term Illuminati).
  • Following the signing up and paying in Australian Dollars with the above mentioned company, we received a few emails, one of which was a receipt for payment. In it the receipt listed the payment made by us is US Dollars. I didn't think much of it because I thought that being a US company, they like to keep all their accounts in US dollars. Until I went into our Bank account and checked the transaction of payment to OZEVISION and discovered that they charged my wife's Card for exchanging Australian Dollars to US Dollars. Even though, in OZEVISION website payment form, one is given the option to pay in USD, AUD or British Pound. But if you are targetted, then do not rely on the information you enter even in the most secure part of any Illuminati website. It has been our experience that they change anything they want changed even when it is concerning Financial Institutions.
  • I went in to the newly purchased website and began to do some work on it. But I noticed that the website is not responding to my work. Everything is functioning, but my work is not registering as it suppose to. I logged off and went to do something else. Next day, I logged in to discover that I was hit by a notice from OZEVISION that in order to accept Shengkui Li's payment and accept her as a customer, OZEVISION must phone Shengkui Li and verify her payment over the phone. I knew immediately that things are going wrong. In possibly 30 years of having Credit or Debit Cards, either I paid by phone giving the seller the information or, paid via website payment forms and enter all the required information and that was the end of it. Never was I ever asked to contact the company and let them know of a convenient time for me to be phoned to verify the payment. In the Website Payment Form OZEVISION demanded the type of Credit Card, the number of Credit card, the Date of Validity, the three numbers on the back of the Credit Card, the Name of the Credit Card Holder, the Address, the Phone Number. This amount of private information was determined to be used internationally by every financial institution in the world. Beyond this much of private information relating to a purchase with the use of a Credit/Debit Card, then you will need to start giving the Private Information of the Next of Kin, then your father, mother, brothers etc. I mean how far does it have to go before the seller believes that you are the real payer. And not to forget that if someone else have such amount of valid private information on you, your payment authorization would be the least of your troubles. Now to add fuel on the fire, OZEVISION believed all the information provided them by Shengkui Li including but not limited to her phone number. Think about this: if the purchaser was not the Card Owner mentioned above, he provided some phone number that doesn't belong to the owner of the Card mentioned above, and OZEVISION dial the number provided to them by the unauthorized person, how on earth would OZEVISION's officers are going to know that the person on the other end of the line would be the owner of the Card or not? Subsequently, I emailed OZEVISION and gave the officer a time to phone Shengkui Li. Now just reversing a little, OZEVISION claimed that their policy is to phone the customer within 48 hours from the time of signing up. 60 hours passed and OZEVISION did not phone. So at the 50th hour passed I asked an OZEVISION officer as to the reason they (OZEVISION) did not phone Shengkui Li, and he replied: "Because you signed up in the middle of the night, and we do not wish to disturb you."  That was 50 hours after signing up. means two full working days passed and they did not phone. What a blatant lie! Following the email I sent to OZEVISION agreeing on an hour to phone Shengkui Li, at around the 60th hour passed, true to their word, OZEVISION phoned Shengkui Li. Shengkui authorized me with the approval of OZEVISION to act on her behalf. Subsequently I questioned the OZEVISION officer as to how is he going to verify that the owner of the Card mentioned above is the real one or a thief, he replied to the affect that it is impossible to verify, (Note: Because the provider of all the private information that resulted in the purchasing their services, is the same person who provided the phone number they dialled to verify the person's purchase). Are they stupid? I can assure you they are not and that is for some reasons. 
  1. They are not that foolish to work out for themselves that it is impossible for them to verify more information than the ones that were provided to them in the Internet payment form.
  2. How often does it happen when someone purchases a website hosting services using a Credit Card that doesn't belong to them? And how long does it take before the real owner discovers that some unauthorized person made the purchase and subsequently inform the bank and the website hosting company? 
  3. This is the most dangerous of all reasons. This information is for those who are unaware as to who we are dealing with. in 2004 I went into a Car Dealer's shop in Sydney, Australia, in the intention of purchasing a brand new car. Car dealers are known to be some of the trickiest persons known on the planet. And they do not waste their time with a pretended purchaser. So one of the officers asked me to give him my driver's license. At that time I was one of the world's most ignorant people as to the system in which we live. The man took my driver's license, and went into another office. A few minutes later, he came back and handed me my Driver's License with an approval look on his face. Now why would he do that? I tell you why. All companies which are involved in the New World Order system have the ability to access all your private information via some secret website, I assume, and within minutes the dealer found out that I had access to the money to buy a new car. Then he started the sales procedures. In case of OZEVISION, they knew very well who was paying and even who is the person working on the PC making the payment. Our PC is monitored 24/7/365 by the secret intelligence agencies, and OZEVISION have the data access to verify as to whether the payer is the real authorized one or not. And that would happen within seconds. So why they wanted to phone Shengkui Li. This is actually the usual method of harassment adopted by the Illuminati/New World Order/ Intelligence agencies, and give them whatever name you want. 7+ years experience of crimes perpetrated against us made us experts in how they operate. Now you also must understand that a company cannot make policies in contravention of the law. Making such policies would be removing your lawful rights and thereby it is deemed as high treason according to the law. But for your information, such crime is perpetrated against you every second of every day. And that is very well guarded secret. All corporations remove all your lawful and legal rights as soon as you sign any agreement with them. You will find such right removal in the fine print of all Agreements. Thereby, when you sue any corporation, regardless who is righ and who is wrong, even before the case gets heard in court, you lose it. And there is nothing you can do about it because you know not your rights.
  • Following what they did to us, we decided to get a refund of our money. We wanted to terminate the account and have no longer anything to do with OZEVISION. We thought that was a very simple procedure. We wrote to OZEVISION demanding a full refund. Now notice, less than a week passed from signing up with them, and their policy says: 30 days money back guarateed. And so does every website hosting company. I even noticed that some give 90 day money back guaranteed. Absolutely, amazingly, incredibly, shockingly, we received an email claiming that OZEVISION refunded just a little more than half the money Shengkui Li paid. But wait, not only that, but two full days passed and the bank statement is not showing any refund at all. Of course as soon as I received an email from OZEVISION claiming that they made a partial refund and still charged the account with sales tax on money refunded, I filed a dispute. and they answered a couple of emails using lies and then they stopped replying in a total blatant theft of all the money paid.
I will be updating as to what happens next.         

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