Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chinese Citizen Gang Stalked, Harassed and attacked by the Australian so called Government 5 July 2015

These evil Satanists who for 7 years received all sorts of complaints that were sent by us to every so called Government entity, from the Prime Minister to the Police to stop the criminal hackers from attacking a perfectly Chinese Citizen's Internet Account and Her PC, a woman that never disobeyed one law, rule or regulation.

Watch the following video and see for yourself how uploading videos onto YouTube was totally killed. The attacks on YouTube and by YouTube on us is become a habit of the so called ASIO/CIA/NSA and God knows which criminal entity is also involved.

Hackers attacking us from every front

Only half an hour later the hackers mentioned attacked the internet speed meter, so when they slowed down the uploading speed, I cannot see it in the Meter, but what I did what was calculated the uploaded percentage and discovered that the Internet Speed Meter was hacked and changed it true reading.

Watch the following Video

George Katanasho and on behalf of
Shengkui Li (Chinese Law abiding citizen, resident of Australia) 

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