Sunday, August 9, 2015

Again an open letter to the Australian powers that be. Harassment, Harassment and Harassment 10 August 2015 1:01 PM

When you used everything in your power to bring us to our knees and we remained standing despite stealing from our home thousands of Dollars, from the Debit Card thousands of Dollars and finally when there is no more money to steal, you cancelled our rent subsidy. All that and you got no response from us and you won't. We agreed that Australia have no Law enforcement system. We agreed that Australia have no judicial system and we agreed that Australia has no Government, it is a system of private corporations that works with all other private corporations, nationally and internationally in a monolithic manner. And declared war on the people of the earth starting with your own members. You tell me, in view of the above, how would you expect us to respond? I personally fail to see that with whatever you do to us, we were left with nowhere to appeal to. For the last few weeks you have been testing as to how we would respond to the non stop barking of next door neighbor's dog that never stops, and keeps going and going with no rest. And so because we did not respond to one dog's attack a week, you decided to unleash 3 days in a row this week. What exactly do you want? And have nothing else to do but to harass a family that keeps entirely to itself, 100% law abiding and friendly to all? If you need spiritual counselling or psychological counselling, it is available and easily accessible. But I am afraid this is the best we can do. We write you open letters according to the common law and your continual lack of response obviously condemns you not that we actually need to do that. You condemn yourselves openly with your destructive corporate policies, Acts of Legislations and the poisoning of everything that is humanly consumable. So you do not need me to condemn you, but I will set an appointment with the Chinese Government and demand their intervention if it becomes necessary.

These are all the options that are left before us due to your criminal harassment, intimidation, theft, poisoning and the list goes on for a while.

So I say to you from the so called Prime Minister to the Garbologist who are involved in the conspiracy against the Australian people, the wealthy elite that fraudulently own Australia and they think that they own it people, leave us alone, and you will never bring us to our knees. You are people like us. But we have God Almighty, the maker of people. He is in total control and fools only who did not yet discover that whatever you achieve is given you by our Father and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Without his permission you can do nothing. Why don't you test it again and see for yourself, that even your Satan can do nothing without the heavenly permission.
I will leave you with that and I hope that what I told you will help.



  1. WeAreONEbigFamily is Back27 minutes ago (edited)

    Australia is a crown colony under Britian , ran by Jesuits , Papal Knights and High masons.

  2. Fire and Brimstone9 minutes ago

    Was a crown as in Monarchy colony, today the crown in law means entirely different and it refers to the illuminati elite banksters.

  3. WeAreONEbigFamily is Back3 minutes ago

    +Fire and Brimstone and the Bankers are under the control of the Roman Jesuit Hierarchy....

  4. [Replied to WeAreONEbigFamily is Back YouTube Channel.
    Fire and Brimstone1 minute ago

    +Fire and Brimstone Yes and I might add, all roads lead to Rome and the Jesuit Order

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    WeAreONEbigFamily is Back25 minutes ago

    +Fire and Brimstone How Rome controls international banking which eventually ends up at the IOR that controls all the worlds Central banks. The IOR is the Vatican bank