Monday, August 17, 2015

An open letter to all employees that stand under the Corporate New World Order 18 August 2015

I am going to say this for the thousandth time. You tortured us for nearly 8 years. You used every national and international office to harass us, intimidate us and perpetrate all sorts of crimes against us. You even dared to come to our home and steal our money, legal documents, Contracts, deleted electronic documents, you even stole, blatantly I might add from Shengkui Li's Debit Card in the thousands, you set our neighbours against us and you know the rest. And just like that you send us correspondences to which you want us to reply? What happened? All forgotten and you are starting a new criminal page? Are you aware that at this very moment we are being harassed by Google, our Falun Gong (Religious group that claim that they are persecuted by the Chinese Government, and when they come to Australia, the hypocrites themselves persecute Christians) neighbours employed by the New World Order to do whatever they can to add to the crimes you perpetrate against us, NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION?


For those who do not know who NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION is: It is a declared criminal enterprise, a pretend New South Wales Government Department and a very wealthy corporation.

So as you can see; when the Western New World Order goes after you, all boundaries are abolished. It matters not whether the company is used against you is an American private company, or an Australian so called Government Department, or people from a secret society known as the Falun Gong (Probably the creation of the Jesuits to create trouble in China) Chinese based religious people. If one is targetted, then one should expect attacks to come from everywhere almost.   

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