Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Open Letter To The Australian Powers That Hide Like Rats In The Shadows. The Puppeteers of the so called Australian Government 13 August 2015 6:28 PM

Of course Google is one of your avenues you use to harass us with. In Australia, harassment is a criminal act. Google is just refused to allow me a second YouTube Channel whereby I can upload video more than 15 minutes long. They keep claiming that the telephone number which is not associated with any Google accounts, is associated with too many accounts and therefore I cannot use it. You judge: Is Google that disabled to work out which phone numbers are used in their data base for a customer and especially after sending 2 Feedbacks to Google explaining to them that the number is not used in any Google/YouTube accounts, yet they continue to send us the same message. This is no less than a hundredth time whereby Google uses its products to harass us. And the Prime Minister of Australia in his letter told me that we have a very strong legal system. Mr. Abbott, if there was real law and strong as you say in Australia, you would be the first to be imprisoned for eternity. 

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