Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An open letter to the AUSTRALIAN so called GOVERNMENT. 12 August 2015 at 5:32 PM

Why? Why are you continuing your harassing attacks against a Chinese resident of Australia? What did the Chinese Government do to you? Is this how the Chinese Government treat the Australians in China? Or is it as usual you have no honor nor any respect for other nation's sovereignties? What on earth is going on?
7 and 1/2 + years of terrorizing an Chinese citizen lives in Australia under your protection. We sent 1000 letters to the Chinese Government over the internet, all of which you are aware of and been informed of by ourselves. Be ashamed a little. You left not one crime in the Crimes Act that you did not perpetrate against us especially despite the fact that the Chinese citizen, Shengkui Li wrote to every Australian so called concerned Government Departments including but not limited to The Australian so called PRIME MINISTER to letters he dishonored and never bothered to even acknowledge. The PREMIER OF NSW, THE POLICE, AFP, ASIO, THE SUPREME COURT OF NSW etc. etc. etc. And with all that and at least 10,000 documents of full proof evidence collected against you over 7 and 3/4 years. Nothing in Australia was left unturned. We informed the United Nations for you continued Human Rights Violations against a Chinese citizen resides in Australia. And how many replies from hundreds did we receive from the United Nations? Zero. Amnesty International seized to exist as soon as we requested their help. We complained to the Russian Government, and very interestingly when we complained to the USA Government, they replied with an automated email claiming that the concerned officer is away from his office, and you would not believe it: apparently he never ever returned because we never even received an acknowledgement.
USA is the largest of all war criminals on the planet and the largest human rights violators the history has ever known, knowing that, we should not have expected anything better.
Be ashamed you shameless for once.

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