Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An open letter to the Corporation known as NCAT (NSW) 25 August 2015 at 10:01 PM

Dear officers that work under the umbrella called NCAT

Corporations are not Government entities and cannot administer the law or make decisions against an Australian Commonwealth member unless the latter signs a legal agreement with NCAT giving it the permission and authority to administer the law concerning the Australian mentioned above in any legal matter. In the recent registered case against George of the Family of Katanasho which was registered against the name George Katanasho who has never signed a legal agreement between NCAT (Corporation) and George Katanasho that gave you the authority to administer the law concerning him or any member of his family that may be affected by any possible decision you make.

I understand that the entity that made the application to administer the law for their benefit mentioning a George Katanasho in its application mentioned above to you is called NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION. This entity mentioned above did apply previously to your Corporation against me and got themselves an order from you for the benefit of the Corporation's owners in total dishonor of the law, the rules and the regulations while you were informed weeks prior to the hearing that your jurisdiction in the above mentioned matter was challenged. And without your attempt to investigate the jurisdiction matter, you ignored it and you did not inform me as to your carrying out the hearing without informing me or even bothering to investigate the issue mentioned, thereby you gave NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION the unlawful power to enter our residence under false pretences and unlawfully. Following my investigation as to the real issue behind NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION's owners to enter our residence, I found out from the NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION's officer that attended the hearing at NCAT said blatantly that her claims in the hearing were false and she made these claims because she was ordered to do so or lose her job.

In view of the above and my letters and emails to you which explained a few issues that would stop you from ever holding a hearing concerning a George Katanasho, you ignored it all including but not limited to the law, our rights, all the information that were sent to you and the public declaration that CTTT now NCAT and NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION are both criminal enterprises and yet again you are pursuing my family and I under the name of George Katanasho for destruction.

I reiterate and hope that you will get it this time. NCAT has no jurisdiction over a George Katanasho. George Katanasho is not a legally registered name and cannot be registered legally in any Australian Corporation and any orders made against George Katanasho are null and void.

Remember challenging your jurisdiction must be investigated in full and proven one way or another. Before carrying out the hearing concerning the case mentioned above, you must:
1. Be satisfied that your investigation proves that you have jurisdiction over a George Katanasho. And
2. You must reply to my letters and sending all the documents that prove your jurisdiction. Otherwise the case must be thrown out.
Update: 25 August 2015 at 11.07 PM
You have ten days to reply to the letters and email sent to you today and one will be sent via express post tomorrow. Remember our lawful rights.

George and on behalf of the affected individuals  

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