Thursday, August 13, 2015

An open letter to NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION 13 August 2015

George of the Family of Katanasho
26 Benfiled Pde
Panania NSW 2213

Feedback Unit officer who sent me a letter dated 11 August 2015

Dear Officer

You must get your information correct. In your letter mentioned above you claim that you are replying to my feedback sent to you dated 11 August 2015. The last feedback I sent to you was dated 6 August 2015. I have no idea where you got the false date from, but I know that if you falsify the date of the Feedback, then all your claims will be based on your own words that I never said, thereby you can create a false case and chase it yourself. 

I also wish to ask you: How did you manage to register a case at NCAT including me in the case? According to NCAT George Katanasho does not exist because it is legally unregistered name whereby no Agreements were ever signed between me and the Corporate System of Australia. 

Number 2: You charge a ROBERT GEORGE WILSON account at COMMONWEALTH SERVICE DELIVERY AGENCY for rent on my behalf and so you claim. The question begs here, who are you after, ROBERT GEORGE WILSON or George Katanasho, because George Katanasho never paid you a cent in rent and water. However the cancelled agreement which was drawn between NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION (Dead entity) and George Katanasho a man with flesh and blood living being created by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Today there is no agreement between NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION and George Katanasho. Therefore, when George Katanasho the unregistered man as mentioned above does not exist legally and there is no longer an agreement between NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION and George Katanasho, how on earth could NCAT even use my name in their dispute resolving records. I mean, it just does not get more unlawful than that. 

As I told you so many times, you are a criminal enterprise. The law is absolutely of no consequence to you. You do not recognize humans so to speak who are living flesh and blood created by the one and only God, the Father of Jesus Christ. You do not recognize the Australian Constitution Act, you do not recognize human rights of any kind. The Tenancy Act upon which CTTT relies does not recognize humans with living flesh and blood. Upon what on earth did you rely to even take my private information and hand them over to a corporation who have nothing to do with me and do not forget that I never authorised you to give my private information or make any use of them, handing them over to an entity that does not concern me whatsoever. And when the Agreement mentioned above was cancelled, how on earth NCAT can even resolve any dispute between even two incorporated parties? 

Who are you people? Are you sociopaths? From the evidence I think you are and ought to be locked up. You are very dangerous to the public.

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