Thursday, August 27, 2015

An open letter to NSW Minister for Justice, Minister for Housing, which were also sent in emails via their Websites and email coount Form. 28 August 2015 12:09 AM


George on behalf of Shengkui Li and Noah Li of the family of Katanasho

Dear Minister for Justice

I have written many times to many so called Government Departments, from Federal to State entities explaining the blatant injustice and removal and cancellation of all our rights including Legal. Lawful and human rights.

For the last nearly 8 years, NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION has never ceased attacking us from every front using Government and Private corporations in blatant practice to remove all our lawful and human rights, etc. We have approached the minister for Housing, we made official complaints to the Police, we have done everything can be possibly be done with NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION, and every complaint fell on deaf ears and worse. In May 2013, I was threatened by one the high ranking NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION's official of Bankstown office telling me that if I do not submit to their unlawful demands, things will get very nasty. I did not understand at the time what the words meant because I could not even began to understand what would happen to us next day. Next day, two Police officers from Bankstown arrived at our residence accompanying with them 2 officers from DOCS. At that time I had a few months old baby. Housing NSW cooked up a reason for DOCS to come to our home and falsify a complaint of anonymous reporter who allegedly claimed that I abuse my child. However I never allowed the two Police officers to enter our residence and do their investigation, when one of the Police Officers physically attacked me and try to force himself into our home. When the Police officers discovered that they failed in doing their job illegally, they threatened that they will go to court and get a Warrant. I invited the outspoken officer to go and get a warrant. He knew that it was a lie. He then went to his car and contacted the Police command in Bankstown. 15 Minutes later, 4 Police officers and two DOCS officers arrived. One of the Police officers claimed to a Police Chief. They all came without a warrant. When I demanded the Warrant, one of the officers said that a Police Chief does not need a warrant and the Police Chief broke and entered taking with him the two DOCS officers. The DOCS officers interrogated my wife Shengkui Li for one hour while the Police Chief was conducting an illegal search in our home. The three other officers were holding me captive outside the my  home and when I tried to go in they stopped me. They treated us as though we were dangerous criminals. This was the Housing NSW threat coming true. Once they interrogated my wife and done their illegal search, and by the way, the Police would noot accept my legal representation on behalf of my family neither the Police or DOCS officers offered any legal representation. Once the interrogation finished for a long hour, the Police Chief came out with the DOCS officers and said that the report concerning child abuse by the father was false. But that was not satisfactory for the criminal Police and DOCS. They subsequently kidnapped my wife and son for 3 more hours for further interrogation. You would think that they are interrogating terrorists. They even offered my wife another residence if she leaves me. My wife was very upset when it became very clear that they were working on separating us. They came to destroy our family under the false claim that they came as a result of an anonymous report of Child abuse. Family abuse doesn't count here, does it? This episode with much more detail happened however in here I have to shorten it. But the most important part of the entire episode was that the Police Chief told me that we have no legal rights whatsoever. That permitted the Police and DOCS to violate all the laws comfortably. 

In June 2013 I signed a new Tenancy agreement with NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION for a different residence to the one we were living in due to the fact that we were residing in a Bed-Sitter the 3 of us. A few day I signed the Tenancy Agreement, NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION sent Government spies and stole from my room the Tenancy agreement. I tell you why. When we were living in the bed-sitter, we discovered that Housing NSW did not own the property in which we live. Yet they were charging us rent. forcibly. However I never permitted them to enter the bed-sitter mentioned above. Then Housing NSW 3 years later offered me a larger residence after a big fight. I accepted to be moved and sign a new legal agreement on one condition and that is, that they sign the agreement in my original birth name which was not registered in Births, Deaths and Marriages office which takes away the CTTT/NCAT jurisdiction over me because the CTTT at the time was used as a weapon to keep getting orders of any kind against us in total contravention of the law, rules and regulations. Today I receive my eligible funds from Centrelink in the name of ROBERT GEORGE WILSON (iNCORPORATED legal name), while my Tenancy agreement with Housing NSW was signed in my birth name which is George Katanasho. This name is not legal and not registered. This was the reason Housing NSW's spies stole the Tenancy agreement immediately after signing it. When I demanded a copy of the agreement from Housing NSW, they sent me a completely altered Tenancy Agreement document copy which had as a tenant name: ROBERT GEORGE WILSON and the tenancy term was changed from lifetime to 3 and 1/2 years. I went subsequently to Housing NSW office and took a hidden camera with me. I recorded everything on the Housing NSW computer screen while I was being interviewed by one of their officers. Everything was in the name of George Katanasho. I informed Housing NSW of what I recorded and demanded a new Tenancy agreement to be drawn and signed, they refused. Two years in this residence without a tenancy agreement. But do you think that my name George Katanasho unregistered and being  member of the Commonwealth, and would stop the illegal abuse of authority of NCAT/CTTT from hearing cases against me and making illegal orders under falsified matters concocted by Housing NSW? It does not. There is absolutely no Justice or law in this State and the entire nation. They are all criminal enterprises hiding behind so called Government departments. 
Next episode was when Housing NSW came to my home and demanded that we get rid of the rooster (animal/bird) from our backyard. I replied that that was not their authority to demand, and City Councils are not recognised by the Constitution, therefore no one can make me remove the bird from my backyard. Now it became time for Housing NSW to contrive another criminal perpetration against us. Hosing NSW sent two of their officers to our residence. When they arrived they claimed that they are conducting an inspection on the property and checking out some legally planted Banana trees in the backyard. They went inside every room and one oof the officers had a pen and a paper pretending to  be writing comments. Then they went into the backyard, they walked there very quickly and then left the property. A week or so later I received a letter from NCAT. I sent the letter back without opening and explained that George Katanasho is not a legal name and they have no jurisdiction over me. They ignored my letter and carried out the hearing without informing me and made an order to cut down the Banana Trees which they claimed that they were obnoxious weed and also included in the order to repair a fence that was damaged from the Banana Trees growth. On the day that was appointed by NCAT an army of men and women about 8 of them. Some tree loppers and some Housing and some Maintenance company etc. After they lopped down the Banana trees, I phoned Hosing NSW and spoke with the officer who attended the NCAT hearing nd did the inspection as well and asked her. Why did the tree loppers cut down some trees and left others, didn't you say that the trees were obnoxious weed and ordered by NCAT to cut them down? She replied: I don't know anything about trees and when I inspected the house, I came for the rooster (The Bird). She blatantly confessed that she made under orders from housing NSW to come and check on the rooster, and then without inspecting the trees and fence made false claims under oath at NCAT that we have Banana Trees in our Backyard that are considered Obnoxious and also damaged the fence and so the NCAT order said. However they cut down a few trees and left a few others standing. I have everything recording in paper and audio documents.

I wrote to NCAT and declared them to be a criminal enterprise and warned them to never interfere in our lives. That also fell on deaf ears. I discovered that NCAT is nothing but a puppet entity that writes orders even without hearing a case.

Now we are living with another horror episode. Again a couple of weeks ago I received letters from NCAT which I returned informing them that GEORGE KATANASHO in all capital letters does not exist on these premises. One week later I received an order in the name of George Katanasho in the proper English ignoring everything including but not limited to informing me of the change of name, the hearing time, the response to the challenge of their jurisdiction, the law the rules, and the regulations. However I did not know that they made the order from their letters. I returned all their letters, but Housing NSW have us under surveillance 24/7 and they knew that I wrote a letter to NCAT on my internet connected PC and next morning sent an officer from Hosing NSW to drop a letter in my letter box that did not go through the post because it would have taken a little longer and the order was made immediately and gave me one week to prepare myself or appeal the matter at the Supreme Court which would take a long time should I want to appeal the matter. They did everything very swiftly to get their attacks done successfully without any resistance. (Order not signed)     

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