Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An open letter to NSW Police and the Powers behind the corporation 12 August 2015 at 6:25 PM.

This corporate criminal monolithic system cannot find anything against us to prosecute us or do anything legal against us use their informants to harass us. This is also known as Gang Stalking, whereby the so called Government intelligence agents employ people to harass and intimidate those who demand their legal, human and spiritual rights from the so called Australian Government.

One of their weapons that they used continually against us is an unusually barking dog whereby the dog is unleashed into the backyard and left alone, and this dog never stop barking even for a little rest. It is 3 meters from our bedroom windows and left sometime to bark until after midnight. We complained in person to the neighbors that own the dog. Other neighbors also complained to Australian authority that is not recognized by the Australian constitution known as City Council or Local Government, and this Local Government did attend the neighbor's home and informed him and her of the troubles their dog is causing them.
Tonight after 5 consecutive days this dog was unleashed into the backyard of the neighbors. For at least 5 hours a day barking next to our bedroom window where I always found due to my illness. We decided that this is a crime of harassment and so it is because of the multitudes of times the neighbor was informed and given warnings by many neighbors, he knows what his dog would be doing when left alone in the backyard. 
Subsequent to sending a complaint to the Police as follows:

At 6.00 PM we contacted the Police concerning a barking dog that never ever stops when left in the backyard. The neighbours have contacted the unconstitutionally recognized city council. The city council attended and spoke to the neighbors concerning their dog. We also spoken in person to the neighbor about his dog. And we informed the police. and we wrote the matter in our internet blog and we informed various government entities. And recently, the neighbour has been letting his and her dog out for non stop barking and clear harassment as it is instituted in NSW crimes Act. We asked the officer over the phone to come and investigate. She adamantly defended the neighbor. She acted 100% as his lawyer and refused to investigate that the matter is a matter of harassment. And she advised that we contact the City Council. I want to know how is this legal. Even the Prime Minister of Australia is disturbed concerning the fact that all local governments are not authorized by the Australian Constitution and you are asking me to commit high treason. Sir/Madam if the Police want to perpetrate a crime, it is up to them, but I am not going to do it. City Council is a criminal corporation. An lastly if you do not do anything about a dog that all neighbors complained about for years, I am afraid you leave with no other choice but to do it the best we know. This dog is only 3 metres away from my window and does not let me sleep or hear a music or watch a video. 

The Police phoned us and claimed that there is nothing the Police can do. I replied that the neighbor is using the dog as a weapon of harassment. The Police officer replied that it is not true. In other words the Police without investigation of the matter defended the neighbor, and I tell you why: This neighbor was previously used by ASIO and other intelligence powers to harass us. He does actually work with the monolithic powers. I told the officer that the neighbor was informed that his dog is doing such a harassing thing. The Council was informed by some neighbors, I personally informed the neighbor of his barking mentally ill dog and yet he took no action to stop it. In view of the law, this man intentionally allowing his dog to start a war between the neighbors and himself and yet the Police said they can do nothing about it. Then one thing stuck into my mind, is that the Police officer told me over the phone to harass the neighbors and harass the City Council until something is done about it. Excuse me??? The Police Officer is asking me blatantly to commit crimes against the neighbor and crimes against the so called City Council until forced as a result of harassment to do something about the matter. 

Furthermore the entire Australian Local Government, branches and offices AKA City Councils are unauthorized by the Australian Constitution Act and no referendum was ever attempted since 1900 until 2015 to include the City Council into the Australian Constitution Act by the incorporated Government though the President of the Australian Local Government Association told me personally in an email that the Government and Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia were working to make the City Council a Lawful entity. However as it stands today and for the last 115 years the Local Government is illegal, unlawful and deemed as a criminal enterprise and all Government Departments and all law enforcement agencies and all people who recognise the Local Government commits high treason against the Australian Commonwealth.

I am afraid Mr and Mrs Police officers, you know that committed high treason and you blatantly demanding that the public do the same. Sorry but that makes us criminal if we do. The Bankstown City Council could not entered my property when Hosing NSW complained about our possession of a rooster. Apparently the Local Government though it existence is criminal makes laws for the public to obey, but if you know that they are criminal, they cannot even send you a correspondence. So what is going on? Why is the Government want us to recognize an unlawful entity. It is because all Governments in Australia are unlawful. They are all corporation, with registered business numbers and they are subject to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, which is a private corporation that like the Australian Taxation Office, majority of their stocks are owned by the Vatican and the rest by the banksters. 

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