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The Corporation. The world's greatest deception

The Corporation
The world’s greatest deception

The creation of Corporations and their inclusion within the Legal System is the most destructive conspiracy the world’s elite ever perpetrated, the result of which it abolished all what is known as Government, with which all lawful and human rights were taken away of all people of the world. The Western World in particular.
Surprisingly, as soon as I began to be initiated into the secret system that was all hidden before us in plain sight, I discovered that Corporations’ executives, Corporations’ administrators, all the so called Governments, from the President or Prime Minister to even the most ordinary employees of the so called Government departments, all law enforcement agencies and the entire judicial system are fully aware that they all are privately owned corporations. And since private corporations can legally be multinationals and are no citizen of any nation, then accepting the Government to be a private corporation would cause us to lose our national borders and its sovereignty. It was the largest step that was taken by the world’s elite towards a one world Government. Let me discuss the basics of what a corporation is in some detail.
What is a corporation according to some dictionary’s and encyclopedia’s explanation?
According to Wikipedia:
“A corporation is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.”

According to
1. An association of individuals, created by law or under authority of law, having a continuous existence independent of the existences of its members, and powers and liabilities distinct from those of its members.
See also municipal corporation, public corporation.

2. (initial capital letter) the group of principal officials of a borough or other municipal division in England.

3. Any group of persons united or regarded as united in one body.

This is the general interpretation of what a corporation is. The corporation becomes the boss and the owner of a corporation becomes an employee should her or she wish to work under a corporation’s name. If a corporation owner does not wish to be employed under the corporation’s name, then he pays his taxes on the profits after deducting all the expenses from all sales earnings.

According to common sense, if a company is legally a person, this person includes all it employees and beneficiaries. Therefore it is to understand that all members of the company should be held accountable for a crime under the law should one member violate any so called law. However unfortunately and what was contrived very carefully by the elite is that the name of the corporation is what is accountable before the law and being just a registered name and has no living substance, a corporation cannot in truth and according to the law, be prosecuted. The creation of corporation to be made a person under the law created a confusion in the law. From my own direct experience with corporations, whenever I filed a dispute against them, I always had to address any corporation by its registered name. For example: (Dear Commonwealth Bank of Australia). You read this over and over again, it doesn’t make any sense. How can a living man, woman or child with living flesh and blood discuss anything with some Alphabets? A corporation name has no conscious existence. If one informs a Psychiatrist that he wrote a letter to a rock and expects a reply, the psychiatrist would consider such person to be mentally ill and requires treatment and yet we do that everyday. We are always writing letters to an unconscious thing known as a registered name of a corporation. To no surprise that when I filed complaints against corporations, I got replies to my complaints whenever the officers deemed it beneficial to the people that work under that name and most correspondences fell on deaf ears, because a corporation is just that, have no ears to hear with. And when matters were referred to courts, the courts did not accept the matters to be heard unless a corporation would definitely be the winner of the case.

Romanism in plain sight:

Most of us are unaware that we live under one world ancient Rome Empire. Everyday we use Latin Terms in our letters, in the law and all Courts of Law and Tribunals have signs in large letters prescribed on the wall behind Judges or the so called Tribunal Members in the hearing rooms sentences in Latin, sentences that we never knew what they meant and why are they there in the first place. However when one digs hard enough will discover that the entire law as it exists today emanates from Ancient Rome’s Law. Even in the Bible, more than 2500 years ago, we were informed that the last two empires before the end of the world will be Roman Empires. One finds such information in the Book of Daniel in the Christian Bible and rewritten in other books such as the last Book of the Bible, namely the Book of Revelation. However when one asks those in power, they would deny such information. But one must also know that all those that abide by the One World Government rules, invert every piece of information known to man. It is the liars world. They will never confess to the truth of things. I found that when I demanded an explanation of some legal issue or a legal term, when I knew the meaning of them, the Corporation’s officers either remained silent or lied to me. When I contacted the freely available legal aid or legal advisory offices, they would never explain or interpret the law truthfully, they always hide the truth or lie. So do not expect to be told the truth when it comes to this contrived corporate One World Roman Empire’s Government unless sometimes some officer makes an unintentional mistake which did happen sometimes with me.

Corporation, Person, Individual according to Australian Legal Acts:

Now according to the Australian and the world’s Legislated Acts (may differ slightly fro a country to a country, however the substance of which is identical a ll over the world). A world that is ruled under International Roman Corporation law, the term “Person” as it is interpreted in the Interpretation Act: It includes: Individual (The term Individual is interpreted as a Person, in other words, it is not interpreted and they do not want you to know that man and corporation are the same under the law, and that could not be further from the truth), Corporation and Body Politic.

So now we know that in Australia there is no such thing as a Body Politic because all Government Departments were secretly transformed into corporations, and the word “Individual” was interpreted as Person which included a corporation. So Individual could only refer to Corporation. And as I mentioned previously, a Corporation is a dead entity that exists only in Corporation register, this creates a major legal problem for us the ordinary people. It is all contrived to subjugate us and justice is dead.

The name according to the Roman Law under which we secretly stand is explained as follows:

In Ancient Rome, there was 3 types of name’s registration. The way the name was spelled indicated the status of the carrier of the name, and those 3 types are as follows, which are found in Mackeld’s Roman Law Dictionary.

1. Capitis Diminutio Minima. Which meant that the name is registered in the form of minimum capital letters whereby the name was written with the first and last names, the first letter of the name was in capital letter and the rest of the name was in small letters. This is the ordinary known way of writing one’s name. However in Ancient Rome, it meant that this individual whose name is written in such format was a free person with all the lawful rights given to any Roman citizen with the loss of family rights. Which meant that before the law, he will stand without the support of his family.

2. Capitis Diminutio Media. This meant that the registered person’s name was written with the first name, the first letter of the first name was written in capital letter and the rest of the letters of the first name were written in small letters. However the family name was written in all capital letters. This indicated that the person had no citizen’s writes and no family rights.

3. Capitis Diminutio Maxima. Meant that the registered person’s name will be written in the registry, first and last names, in all capital letters. This indicated that such a registered person is a slave or had no rights whatsoever, be they lawful rights, citizen’s rights or family rights.
Mackeld’s Roman Law Dictionary.
To recap and explain a few important points, I would like to venture into explaining how Common Law was abolished and replaced by international corporate policies.

First of all concerning Australia, which applies also to all Western nations, one must always look up the interpretation of legal terms that are found in the Interpretation Act. And if not found in the Interpretation Act, then one must look it up in the Act of so called law that is being researched. There are also some helpful legal terms Dictionaries that may shed more light on the interpretation. Never rely on the ordinary English Dictionaries for legal matters. The intention was to create a new language for the law that is understood by the conspirators in the legal profession. Some call this language as Legalese. 

Now, some very serious documents were found in Government's Securities and Investment Commissions that the people of whichever western nation you are researching were secretly sold and literally placed on the stock market. Concerning Australia, we discovered a document in the USA's Securities Commission that clearly shows that the Australian people were sold by their Government to the money changers, be it the Vatican or the Banksters. After the discovery was made by a few Australians, the document was hidden and could not be accessed at the USA's Securities Commission. However that did not hide all the proofs of course. When in the Interpretation Act, it interprets the word Person as Corporation, then the only conclusion one understands is that people were capitalised on by some financial power and when we check all the official documents such as Government issued cards, Passport, or letters received by the Government entities or corporations, one will notice that all names were fully capitalised. This indicates also that someone did in fact capitalise on you. You will also notice that addresses found on Government documents are fully capitalised, which also means that the entire land of a nation is also been sold to some financial power and not by the people of the country. It was also proven by the fact that even if one purchases a real estate, and subsequently checks the Land Titles Registry, one will discover that the supposed new landlord is registered as a Tenant. 

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