Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This is an open letter to the real powers that rule Australia 19 August 2015 9:25 PM

When are you going to get off our backs? When are you going to leave us alone? You employ fools to pursue us, people who know nothing and despite of their continued failures and stupid decisions, you still employ them to create more and more troubles in absolute contravention of all laws and human rights? What is wrong with you? What has to happen before you discover that you were wrong all along? If you any honor why don't you face me and tell who really is behind all the orders that come down to all entities that are involved in the conspiracies against us? If you really are not cowards, face me. Everyday you get a new person to create troubles for us. That will never do. The real commanding officer must face up to what's grinding him inside.

A nobody such as myself is pursued by so many corporations and even doctors and chemists; why? What are you so afraid off? Is this the Utopia that you are promising the people of the world, to destroy their lives regardless of what nationality they possess? And stop pursuing Shengkui Li. She is Chinese citizen you fools, and out of little respect for her Government, your ally, stop it. 

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