Saturday, August 22, 2015

This is an open letter to the real powers that rule Australia 23 August 2015 3:45 AM

We demand that you do not use our neighbours from the Falun Gong Secret Society who are employed by you to harass us to cease their attacks against us. And if you are hoping that you will ever get us to violate any laws to please you, don't, its never going to happen. I know that you believe that enough pressure may produce your desired result. Actually it won't, for very serious troubles that we may get into with you, we have reserved a response.

I know that you are fools, all of you and every time you dig a hole for us, you fall into it yourselves. Jesus' words always were and are 100% right and you better be very afraid or start to do the right thing.

Everything you have ever planned is destroying our world and yours if you did not notice. These are acts of psychopaths. You better wake up before it gets worse. It will get much worse, and why be the responsible ones for the destruction? Those who destroy will have to pay the price for the rebuilding. It is coming and coming much sooner than you might think.   

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