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Why King James Bible? (Extremely interesting to read).

The long road to Christian education

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

My name is George. I was born to a Roman Catholic family in the old city of Jerusalem. Shortly after my birth, my parents decided on naming me Rober, which is French for Robert. Subsequently I have become very ill. A short tie later, an Angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to my father's uncle's wife and commanded her to go to my parents and change my name to George. My parents' lack of belief decided to keep my first name. My illness gone from bad to worse. Not long after, the same Angel appeared in a dream to my father's sister, and commanded her the same thing. "Go to your brother and his wife and tell them that the Lord wants you to change your son's name from Rober to George". Now if my parents had any doubt, its gone this time and they named me George. 

Of course later in my life I was told of the event that resulted in my name's change. Although I was raised Catholic, I had knowledge of Christianity in a limited understanding, but faith in the Lord was present in my life. I always wanted to know as to the reason the Lord changed my name. Many years passed and I still could not find out the reason for that. Sometime between the age of 45 and 50, I did a research into the meanings of both names. To my surprise I discovered that "Robert" translated to Devil or something of the same meaning. "George" on the other hand meant farmer in Greek. However, in Jerusalem, where most of the Christian denominations are similar to Catholicism, such as Greek Orthodoxy, Coptic Church, Assyrian Church etc. had a very similar story to tell concerning a mythical Saint named George. The differences in the story of St. George is not important, however the similarity was very clear which entailed that, in a small village, there was a small source of water, and for the villagers to access the water for their use, every year they had to sacrifice a human by sending this human to the edge of the water where a Dragon came and took the human. One day, they village gave birth to a boy who when became a man, he went onto his horse and fought the Dragon and speared him to death. That ended the need for the yearly sacrifice. 

From a Christian perspective, we know that the Dragon is Satan. And the man that killed the Dragon is Jesus Christ. Now to me the mythical story became very clear. Anything that come out of the Vatican or Catholicism usually try to replace Jesus Christ with some other person which would be an attempt to destroy Christianity. The creation of the mythical St. George was exactly that. However how does that concern me and the change of my name by the Lord. Throughout the Christian Church history, we always had those who had faith strong enough to resist Satan whereby he flees from such Christians. This would translate into killing any attempt by Satan to destroy a faithful's eternal life. And of course a true faithful in Jesus Christ, is a member of the Lord Jesus. Through the power of Jesus and the will of the Father we are able to kill the Dragon in our lives. Though the Dragon was killed by Jesus our Lord, he still has a limited time to deceive as many as those who are not of the elect. 

In view of the above, I impatiently waited for something to happen that makes sense of my name's change, until I began to awake as to the real world around us. It was shocking to say the least. Then I discovered in myself a man who cannot accept a corrupt world and I started in my way and according to my limitation to fight the Satanic New World Order and achieved a success that I would have never imagined I was capable of. Consequently I knew that the Lord had some plan for me and it was put into practice much later in my life which started around the age of 49. 

Now returning to the issue of Bible versions. In Jerusalem as I was growing up, I was introduced to two Bible versions one of which was the Catholic New Testament only and another version that was found in every house in Israel's Christian community. The name was not important because there was no other version any way. I read enough in the Bible to know God and Jesus to a very limited extent. However faith was present, though it was faith out of fear rather than faith out of love as the Catholic church instills in the innocent children's minds. 

When I was 28 years old I migrated to Australia. A couple of years later I began to search for a Church similar to the Catholic Church to join. At the time I was living in Ulladulla, in the South Coast of New South Wales. Through my searches for Christians I met people of the Pentecostal Churches. I began to ask them questions and view their practices in their Sunday services. I became unhappy with their irreverent way of speaking of the Lord and the especially the Holy Ghost. Eventually I walked into an Anglican Church where the similarity with the Catholic Church was clear, however not quite the same. I decided that the Anglican Church is quite suitable for me according to my upbringing. Eventually I started to get invited to Bible studies and other Christian events. Shortly after I found myself very hungry to learn the Word of God. I attended Bible studies, I purchased Christian Bible Books teaching resources. The first Bible version I purchased from a Church's book store was the Revised Standard Version and eventually I purchased the New International Version. I studied the Bible using those two versions. After a while I started to notice major doctrinal differences in the readings between the above two versions. However the most important things that I noticed and especially in the NIV was the very clear contradictions to Biblical doctrines. Very serious errors were discovered, but I had no choice, I only knew the two versions. Years later, after I woke up to the New World Order and learned much about the Kingdom of Satan, one day I was on YouTube where I found some Video that discussed the King James Bible. I watched very carefully and studied what was discussed. I discovered that there is indeed a conspiracy behind the creation of no less than 100 different versions.   

My conclusion and advice to all Christians from a man who has the gift of knowledge from the Lord and who spent years in Bible studying and to a certain extent understanding the true faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • The most dangerous thing that was created by the production of different Bible Versions was the division that was created between Christians. This is foolish whether you believe a the KJB only or whatever other Bible Version you are more comfortable with.
  • The Gift of Knowledge is given only to a certain number of people and to different degrees. 
  • Bible Versions are very important to the Brethren that study the Bible to accuracy in order to determine as to the very correct teaching of certain doctrines or all doctrines.
  • One must remember that a Bible version, no matter how accurate it is, it is not of itself is the Word of God. One can very easily discover that the Word of God is Jesus Christ himself. And one can read the most accurate Bible version until he or she is blue in the face so to speak and until the Holy Ghost of God opens one's eyes and show him or her the meaning of what one is reading, it would make no difference between reading "Around the world in 80 days" or the Bible itself. The Word of God is given to man even when the Bible is completely absent and that is to those who are chosen by God to be given such knowledge. This is not incredible because even when I had no Bible versions, the Lord was teaching me Biblical narratives. The reason I knew that, is because when I read through the Bible, many years after such knowledge was given me, I found the same doctrines given me without reading them in the Bible were already known to me. The Lord promised that his word will be preserved for ever. Despite the fact that Satan's first attack on what God said to Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden and the fact that since that time he's been trying to pervert the word of God and keep it away from the hands of the people. For 1000 years, the Catholic Church kept the Bible away from Christians in which time many Saints went to be in heaven with the Lord. In other words, the fact that Christians for at least a thousand years did not have the Bible in their hands would mean that they all went to hell? I don't believe so. And when the Bible began to be translated to some common languages and people began to have some access to the Bible, the Bible went through many different stages of translations. This also did not deprive Christians from the faith. 
  • I personally got to know the Lord using two perverted different versions of the Bible. But due to the fact that I was searching from my heart, the Lord was pointing out to me some of the perversions that were intentionally placed in the perverted versions. So do not judge those that study different versions of the Bible, one must believe that if a brother is searching for the Lord from his heart, he will find him wherever he is. And each of us is given a different degree of faith. But I reiterate as a final advice that it does make it easier for the faithful and those who are searching for the Lord genuinely from their heart to refer to the King James Bible for accuracy and no matter what one does, one must always ask the Lord to open their eyes and teach them. And finally, always put into practice what the Lord teaches you, subsequently, your faith and understanding of the word of God and the faith of Jesus Christ solidifies and increases dramatically.
God bless you all 

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