Tuesday, September 1, 2015

An open letter to the people behind the corporate powers, or the power that be or I know not what to call you any more. 1 September 2015

NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION sends 3 officers from Bankstown mental health to investigate the trouble between me and NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION then the mental health officers go to two police officers in a blatant manner in full view of my friend, the video camera and me and explain to the Police the dispute and standing with them 2 NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION. I love it. Vioation of privacy is just like nothing happened, the representative of 3 corporation discuss my family and me in the front in full view. They used to do all that in secret, now they don't need to do that any more. And what is so funny is that every time we complain about the violation of the law against us, instead of investigating the matter and punishing the perpetrator, they are fully aware that we are innocent and we have been abused, so they send Mental health for the fourth time after filing complaints to either the Police or Attorney General or ACORN or whoever. The Police never even bothered to find out if we are telling the truth or not, they just sent Mental health as a tool of silencing.
So then NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION in full knowledge that the order made by the CTTT against us is invalid, null and void. So I try to explainand no one wants to hear except for the Mental Health Officers. And so Hosing NSW officers enter the residence placing us under duress and one of the Police Officers went in. Why I have no idea. What does the Police have to do with changing the smoke alarm, go figure. Law??????? What freaking Law??????? Australia is LawwwwLesssssssssss. There absolutely no honor for the law by any pretended authority. These people discovered that crime pays and closed the entire chain of authority, took over and all they do is criminal absolutely nothing else. I have no idea how to describe them, because what I saw today from this monolithic criminal enterprise is beyond human words description. I cannot find a bad enough term to describe the people who call themselves as Government of Australia or Government of NSW. That's all.

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