Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Once more we are demanding of the so called Government Hackers to cease and desist their harassment 14 October 2015

To whom it may concern
I Shengkui Li of Panania, New South Wales, Australia demand of the hackers that are assigned by the Australian rulers to harass my family and I electronically which has been taking place for the last 2+ years and of whom we demanded multitudes of times to cease and desist their harassment and manipulation of our PC system. I wish to remind you that internet accounts purchased from Telecommunication companies are not weapons whereby you use to attack people. If I am breaching any laws, rules or regulations and can prove such things, then you have the law enforcement agencies (That don't Exist) or Courts of law (That don't exist) to refer you matters to. However because you do not like someone's behaviour who's a law abiding man or woman and lives as peacefully with everyone as possible does not give you the lawful right or the rights of man and woman to exist to harass them and destroy their computers and software purchased or so called free. I also demand that AVS4YOU burning software that is included in AVS4YOU video editor be immediately repaired as well as windows file and CD Windows burning software be also repaired. In other words, stop corrupting our software programs.
Yo may wish to know that this document will be presented to the appropriate authority very soon and will be appealed with the most serious possible manner right to the very possible extremities of complaint processes which you will hear of very soon.
Here ends this document at 2:16 AM on the 14th day of the month of October in the year 2015.     

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