Wednesday, November 25, 2015

An open appeal and begging of the Russian Government to intervene between persecuted Chinese Citizen and two Australian citizens reside in Australia 26 November 2015

George, Shengkui and Noah Katanasho

Panania NSW 2213

Government of the Russian Federation

26 November 2015

Dear Russian Government

Following my emails I sent to you dated 24 November 2015, I miraculously received an email from the BIRTHS, DEATHS AND MARRIGES REGISTRY OF NSW.. However in it, whoever the real writer is, addressed me by Mr. Katanasho. The composer and sender of the email could not address me by my name. It is impossible for an incorporated system which really refers to dead corpses to address me by a name that refers to a living soul, flesh and blood. This is the problem that was created to us by the wealthy elite which by conspiracy and fraud purchased from the original Commonwealth of Australia Government the land and the People of Australia. They did blatantly place the Commonwealth of Australia after transformed into a corporation/company in the US corporation known as US SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. The Commonwealth of Australia became COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. What is the Commonwealth of Australia doing in supposedly USA Federal Department? Are we Australians or US citizens? Actually we are Commonwealth of Australia residents and owners.COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA refers to a corpse, a corpse that is owned by USA wealthy elite which by no means refers to us. The newly created GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA, which is a collection of different corporations that are privately owned, occupied the positions of the Commonwealth of Australia Government and pretended to be the Government. The owners of which are a bunch of criminals that by fraud and deception usurped our country and our people’s rights of owning the land, themselves and their children after them, and now to control us under their corpses system, they refer to us as corpses. They Register us in a NSW (A corporation) in another corporation called BIRTHS DEATHS AND MARRIAGES REGISTRY OFFICE OF NSW, and for them to agree to register us, we must sign a legal agreement to become corporations and wave all our lawful and human rights, and then will they agree to recognize us as dead beings by which they can do whatever they wish to us without having any right to open our mouths in complaint or otherwise. For this reason, I have sent a couple of thousand correspondences in a period of 7 years + to the incorporated Australian system and asked them to remove the word Mister when they address me, and they were unable to do so. Not because they do not want to, but because they cannot do so due to the fact that they would contravene their own legislation if they did that. I was told in an email by an employee that stands under the corporation called BIRTHS DEATHS AND MARRIAGES REGISTRY OFFICE OF NSW, that their office is Governed by Births, Deaths and Marriages registration Act 1995. Ok, fine. Let us look at the NSW Interpretation Act 1987 which interprets as to who is subject to the Births, Deaths and Marriages registration Act 1995. In the Interpretation Act 1987 it refers to all Australians reside in New South Wales as Persons. When one looks up the word person in the above mentioned Act discovers that it is interpreted as Corporation. Thereby when the pretended Government write any correspondence to us, they have to Capitalize all the Alphabetical letters of our names. And the other problem they created is that in the legislation, they interpreted the word Land as Waters and Stone quarry. So they deceptively transformed the land into water whereby the way they address us in a correspondence has to also include an admiralty law title such as Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Etc. This how they criminally and deceptively removed all our human rights before signing the Human Rights Treaty at the United Nations’ Convention on Human Rights. I personally am amazed how they managed to get away with that since all documents and laws are suppose to be scrutinized by International Lawyers. Never mind that.

Let’s assume that we accept to be referred to as corporations and dead corpses and assume that the legislation gives us the legal rights and protect us against any injustices despite the fact that we agree that Australia is owned by the Illuminati, and the people also the same.

Let me tell you of what happened to us concerning justice, prior to our knowledge in the law, our rights and the fact that we have the right to be free Commonwealth members:

We (My wife and I) in October 2010 made an Application to a Tribunal known as Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal. In our Application we demanded to be given Invoices and Receipts by our Landlord for the payments of Rent and Water. Such a demand we relied upon by the Residential Tenancy Act 2010 which states in Section 36 that the Landlord is obliged to provide the tenant with Receipts for the payments of rent and it describes exactly what a receipt should be composed of. This to me is one of the most basic of anyone’s right to be able to prove that he/she indeed paid their rent money and the Landlord cannot demand the same amount of money again. It cannot get simpler than that. In Australia whenever we go to a shop, if we purchase some goods or services and demand a receipt, we get one because it is our right and obligation of the seller. In 2009 or 2010. My wife was walking the streets of a Western Sydney suburb called Chester Hill. Under her arm, she was carrying a second hand DVD Player she bought of a Catholic St. Vincent De Paul. This is when it gets very interesting. 2 Police officers passing by, spotted my wife with the DVD Players. So they come to her and demand of her to present a receipt for the DVD Player she was carrying under her arm.
1. This is not a Police state for the Police to stop a citizen without reason that may make the person a suspect of a crime.
2. My wife as a Chinese citizen who newly became a resident of Australia knew nothing of her legal rights was never offered a legal representation or read her rights.
3. When my wife told the Police Officers that she bought the DVD Player from the Catholic St. Vincent De Paul and she was given no receipt, they let her go.

First of all it just shows that receipts are an obligation of the seller according to the Legislation otherwise why would the Police Officers demand to see a receipt? We will skip second and third.

Let me just interject for a second here: The Australian Corporate system hates anyone who is educated or knows the law.

So returning to the Tribunal mentioned above. I told the Tribunal Member/Judge that I will not pay my dues until I get the Landlord to provide me with receipts for rent and water payments I already made. After that I officially summonsed 5 different documents that are in the possession of the Landlord in relation to our Tenancy, with the agreement of the judge in an official document signed and stamped by the Tribunal mentioned above, a document that I paid $39.00 for. The judge ignored both the Official Summons which he had his own signature on and ignored the legislation that obligates the landlord to provide us with the receipts according to our legal rights, and tried to get me to pay the rent and water that I refused to pay. Finally he issued an eviction notice followed by an order to vacate the premises and an order for a Sheriff to come to our home and administer the order. Now let me tell you who the Landlord is: It is a privately owned corporation that pretend to be a Government Department. When I took my case to show a Private Lawyer and read in the documents issued by the Landlord that it is a Government Department, he laughed and told me it is not a Government Department. Let me tell you its name: It is called NSW LAND AND HOUSING CORPORATION. It is not even hiding the word corporation from the name under which the criminals are administering their business. I had to pay $300 Australian to only hear that the above corporation is not a Government Department. Because the lawyer who charged me $300 for his hour or advice lied about everything else, as he claimed to me that he worked for 20 years for the Government system. So he knew all the lies and deceptions that lay under the ruling system.

Now returning to the eviction, we were never evicted and the Sheriff never showed up. Why? Because my wife is a Chinese citizen, and they feared the Chinese Government. My wife and I were demand what suppose to be our legal right. So the Australian corporate criminals could not evict my wife for demanding her rights. This is how much legal rights we have in Australia. We have none. And since we found no help from the pretended authorities, we had to do further research to find out as to what really is going on. During our researches we were attacked by every pretended Government office in Australia that we for some reason got involved with. And joined the orchestra, all the Telecommunication Companies, Electricity companies, Banks and all the Intelligence agencies of the Western ruling system. And the only reason we survived Metal Health Department, the Police and all other pretended Government departments is because as I mentioned above, the cowards feared the Chinese Government because we were not breaching any of their legislation. On the other hand, the pretended Government have broken every law against us and we could do nothing. Our complaints were ignored, 200 of them or thereabout. The Landlord mentioned above was used by the criminals to get order after order from the above mentioned Tribunal to invade our home with the Police and Mental health only to harass us and intimidate us. Every order was obtained under falsified claims. All fraudulent. The Police ignored our complaints, the Ministers ignored us, ASIO ignored us, Supreme Court of NSW will never accept any official Statements of Claim that we submitted to them. The Local courts did the same. We were attacked electronically by the Intelligence powers. The Australian Government’s resume is so long I can send you at least 2000 pages of information on what was done to us.
Now Since we have no Human Rights whether we accepted fraudulent Statuses or not, why would we accept to be considered as corpses with not one tiny right of any kind? We don’t. All we need from the pretended Government, since they are all we have to provide us with Travel Documents that do not take away our lawful and human rights. This is not too much to ask for. It is a lawful right according to our Constitution and law.

The International Governments that signed the Human Rights International Treaty must be aware that Australia though it is a signatory on Human Rights do not recognize one single word of it, and that was following many correspondences we sent to the Australian Human Rights Commission and United Nations Human Rights Commission. The Australian office did sometimes reply with lies and the United Nations never replied to correspondences or Honored official complaints. So the United States dominated United Nations have closed the loop and left not one single office for us to complain to or get our rightful documents from. John F. Kennedy and many other US Presidents and other publishers warned of this criminal monolithic system that chocked us from every known front. They took over the education that is designed to create a brainwashed slaves of their system. They took over the Medical and Pharmaceutical world and created a medical system that is designed to reduce the world’s population. They even put cancer in the injections which they deceptively claim that they are immunizations. They took over the Churches where they teach Illuminati Satanism and take the people’s money and build ore and more businesses where they can destroy us. They took over everything, I mean everything. They have a massive army of secret officers that work for all the corporations to make sure that they destroy all small businesses and get rid of all the middle class. The middle class is toxic to their system because they have the resources and education to fight for their rights. They want only slaves and owners of slaves and nothing in between. How can we accept that? How?

We are begging you to please look into our plight and the Australian Law according to your international obligations towards Human Rights and please Please please help us. We are in great danger.



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