Thursday, November 5, 2015

An open letter to those who are employed by the so called Australian Government to attack us from every possible front. 6 November 2015

George and Shengkui Katanasho
Panania NSW 2213

To whom it may concern

We are writing to you in accordance with the Common Law publicly and accuse you of launching against us an organized war from every possible front you could utilize. We have recently discovered a possible remedy for stopping you. ASIO for example have never stopped hacking into our PCs and Internet TV and not to forget land line wireless phone. What they did is they first stopped for a couple of days, then they started to manipulate the Windows program increasing their attacks very slowly. Now they are disabling websites and purchased software programs. It is now becoming too much. Federal Privacy Commissioner claims that ASIO is above the law. The Police and ACORN openly claimed that hacking and harassment and intimidation is not for the Police to pursue of ACORN to pursue.

Concerning Housing NSW: Housing NSW honors no laws, no Legal agreements and no authority is willing is stand up to them, thereby every so often Housing NSW officers are commanded to go to Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal and get an order to invade our home for absolutely no legal reason whatsoever. Then they steal the contracts they sign with us using Secret Service Agents. And then they start demanding from us to sign new agreements using tricks and deception to get us to breach laws and legislation. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Then Centrelink was given an authority by us to pay rent to Housing NSW or exchange Personal Private Information, and despite that for two and half years now, every two weeks, Centrelink pays Housing NSW Rent and water with no permission given by us, whereby they are breaching multiple Acts. And because we did not give them our son's family name, they just came up with a name themselves and like slaves forced a new name onto our son.

For the attackers: Be warned, I will use what we did not use for 7 and half years to stop you and you will see what I am capable of doing.

This will be updated due to my tiredness and illness I must stop here.

Posted at 5:33 PM AEST on 6 November 2015

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