Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Appeal for a persecuted family to the Russian Government 24 November 2015

George, Shengkui and Noah Katanasho
Panania NSW 2213
Government of the Russian Federation

24 November 2015
Dear Honourable Mr. Putin

Appeal of abandoned Chinese and Australian citizens that reside in Australia

(Mr. Putin in disrespect to you and your people, the Australian Intelligence agents are not permitting me to properly format my public letter to you herein. Please watch video below).

We are a family of three that reside in Sydney's Western Suburbs. My wife is a Chinese citizen and my son and I are supposedly Australian citizens.
The reason we are appealing to you is because I listened to you Mr. President whose speech agreed with much of my understanding as to who are the real New World Order's Western Government members, and the fact that they abide by no specific rules or laws. That was concerning the international relations.
On the national front concerning Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia (People of Australia)however, the rulers that usurped the real Australian Government has declared war on the Australian people from every possible front that is within their power.

In this letter, I am not going to concern myself with every front, rather I wish to appeal to you to help us concerning our human rights that were very deceptively abolished from the entire Australian law without the knowledge of Australians and possibly the international community that were signatories to the United Nations' Conventions on Human Rights. I am not just assuming such claims, rather the Australian people to whom we appealed to concerning our Human Rights, thinking that we were appealing to an Australian Government, blatantly in their correspondences to us confessed that they are not the real Australian Government and the enacted legislation concerning every part of the Australian people's lives were enacted to serve an elite owners of incorporated Australia. We discovered that the Commonwealth of Australia, which is the people of Australia were lumped together into one corporation and sold on the stock market. Unbeknownst to us, according to the enacted legislation, we were no longer deemed to be humans in our statuses. This is documented in US SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. (Please see document below). According to the so called Australian Law, only corporations are subject to the law. That is found in the Interpretation Act 1987 (NSW), and other Acts.

I appealed to every so called Australian Government Department and Agency to recognize our human rights which also include our lawful rights. Instead of getting someone to listen to our plight, my family and I became the targets for destruction by the intelligence agents of the corporate giants of the western world. We have been attacked by every possible Government Department and Agency we got involved with. We wrote multitudes of emails and sent documents of evidence to the Chinese Consulate to discover that the emails were being intercepted by the Intelligence agents and diverted to their data collection on us. How did we know? A few weeks ago, we went to the Chinese consulate in Sydney, and found it shut because we arrived after 12 noon. After that all the attacks that were being carried out against us by the invasions to our home conducted by the Police and other agencies were halted. Now what this means, I am not 100% certain. I will have to leave it to you to work out. You are politicians and you know how Governments operate.

Today we are after Passports or any Travel Documents because we wish to travel to China within the next three months. My wife wishes to visit her family and conduct a few other affairs she is connected to. This is when ran into a very serious trouble. It turns out that Australian Passports are issued only to corporations, by deceptively using supposedly, printing names in all capital letters of the English Alphabets which renders the letters to become corporate codes and not names of humans. But also in order to even start filling up the forms for passports requests, we need to prove our identity to the Australian Passport Office. This in itself is not so bad, however the document they demand is the registration of humans becoming corporations in the State's Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry which renders any human who signs the application for registration to become a corp(se)oration and is required to sign a legal agreement to wave all his lawful and human rights and hands over his or her ownership to some corporate giant. Now we rejected all identification documents that refer to us as corporations with no human and lawful rights, and we revoked any previously obtained document of the same kind. Subsequently, we discovered that we were totally abandoned by all so called Government offices because the system which they created recognises only Financial Transactions with corporations and everything is directly involved with the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Vatican. I know that such information which were very well guarded secrets were not suppose to be known by any ordinary individual, however I cannot help discovering all those truths, some of which no man with any belief and dignity can accept.

Due to the fact that the so called Australian Government is refusing to reply to our correspondences and left us totally abandoned, we are left only with trying to appeal to the International Community.

Please do look upon us with mercy and give us any kind of helping hand. We did appeal many times to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and received no reply. We appealed to Amnesty International, and the same happened. We discovered that every national or international entity that pretend to fight for human rights is controlled by the same powers that reside behind the Australian corporate system. Now I do admit that I am not sure what you can do to help us, but we were abandoned by all and before us nothing is left except for trying the Eastern powerful nations that are not controlled by the western world corporate system. If there is anything you can do for us, we would most certainly be very thankful. If you wish for us to attend an appointment physically in your Sydney consulate to answer any questions that you may have for us, we would be very happy to do so.
Thank you very very much for taking the time to read this appeal.
Broken and abandoned family of three. 

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