Thursday, November 19, 2015

Informing the Chinese Government 20 November 2015

Dear Chinese Authorities

Please read the following message sent to the Australian so called Authorities.

George and Shengkui

Panania NSW 2213
20 November 2015
To whom it may concern
Although I was aware that this country's so called Government system is lawless. Every time we have irrefutable evidence against some so called Government entity, we file a complaint and the responses from every office have become more and more blatant in confessing in writing that in Australia there is no such thing as law. When the Government becomes corporations and owned by foreign interests, how on earth could the law exist?
I am afraid our only chance with you to stop you from creating more and more troubles is to try to get you to understand that such behaviour as we have endured is unacceptable by us. Therefore we inform you again that our PCs software programs, from windows OS to video editors and such have been corrupted and we continue to experience hacking. The only people with such resources are the intelligence agents. And frankly it makes no difference which agency or office is perpetrating such crimes against humanity, the entire Australian self authorised Government is the culprit and we ask again that you get the hackers to fix the installed errors in the PC, because no professional in the world, or creators of the softwares were able or willing to repair the errors which caused the software programs to malfunction in some of their areas. Either our PC starts to function properly and all errors removed or we may have to send you the PC for you to keep. I mean it. I do not need a PC that is repairable by any PC pro.
So far within the last two years 2 computers were made to completely malfunction. One is sitting next to me dead and the other was recalled by the its manufacturer. This cannot keep happening. I can prove to you that such thing cannot keep going on. We lost a lot of money, time and effort. We had agents came to our home and stole documents, deleted documents, ruined PCs, stole $3000.00 from my wife's bedroom. Took 3000 out of a 5000 dollars wad. Thieves do not count how much they are stealing and leave some behind. Only Intelligence Agents do such a thing for a purpose. A financial company also robbed my wife's account. The courts, Tribunals, Ombudsmen and the rest refuse to hear any official claim. You have closed the entire loop whereby you can do to us whatever you want and no one can sue you or get any kind of justice, moral, legal or lawful. This also cannot keep going on. And by the way; the hackers now decided that my wife cannot watch Chinese TV received to the TV via the internet. The TV internet receiver is manipulated all the time a series or movie is being watched. Now why would you not want my wife to watch TV. Why don't you send us a gun man to just shoot us and take us out completely when Mental health failed to declare any of us mentally ill and the Police failed to get any crime attributed to us. etc. etc. etc. I honestly thought that since you fear upsetting your ally, you would have some respect for them and stop literally and directly attacking a Chinese citizen who really knows no English, knows no law and unable to defend herself. We have complained to the Chinese authorities so many times, I thought they were preparing a big case to discover that the people concerned in the Consulate and Embassy were not even receiving the complaints and the attacks by the Police and Housing NSW have intensified that they really prepared to completely destroy our lives. When they discovered that we personally going to the Chinese Consulate, miraculously all attacks stopped, suing was withdrawn and we started to get letters from many offices in Australia. You will stop your perpetual attacks and think not that there is nothing we can do about it. 

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