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An open letter to the International Community, to all the nations excluding the Satanic United Nations 6 January 2016 (To Be Continued)

The story of a family of 3 individuals that reside in Sydney, Australia. And those are: An Australian citizen, a Chinese citizen and and their toddler son.


This effort is made to let you know of the shocking persecution which was and still is being perpetrated by those who reside over the powerful seats of the ruling system of Australia and the Western world. And to appeal to you to intervene and stop the crimes perpetrated against us including but not limited to using us as lab rats so that they lean as to how we would react to their human rights abuses.

I would like to start by saying that we are fully aware of the huge efforts that are made to achieve the success of the planned New World Order whereby the intelligent minds came together and decided that the old way of the Governance is become obsolete and running the world more efficiently the wealthy elite took over the world and transformed them into corporations. Now this idea of rule by corporations is just another idea made by the powerful to control the world by controlling every aspect of the world’s people’s minds and keep them under subjection. History has taught us that there is no such thing as good or bad system of governance, but what makes good or bad governance are the rulers themselves. Governance is like any other instrument, it can be used for the benefit of the people or for there destruction. An inanimate object such as a gun is neither good nor bad. Guns do not have the brain to decide for themselves as to whether they can be good or bad, rather it is the person who is using the gun that determines it. A gun in the hands of a good person is beneficial, however in the evil’s hands, it is destructive. So it is with the One World Government system.

In our case, we are not objecting to the Australian governance system neither are we political activists. Our problem is with those who in the name of the New World Order have been using it to remove all our Human and Lawful rights. Who are we, as small and financially poor people to decide what Governance system do we prefer? But if a gunman came to my door attempting to kill my family and I, then it becomes necessary to do whatever one can to defend his family and himself. And this is exactly what we are enduring by the Australian rulers. The Australian rulers not only came to our door to shoot us down, but they went into the innermost of our being and are trying to destroy us from within and without, using all physical and psychological tools to bring us under subjection. As a matter of fact it did not escape them that we already under under their subjection, but they discovered that there was only one thing that they are not controlling in our life. Yes, it is who we worship.

For those who are in the know, it is very easy to prove that the New World Order is a religious system, not political and economical. If the system mentioned above is either political or economical or even both, why would the Australian Government come after us? To answer this question let me tell you who we are and then you decide as to the real reason we are being persecuted.

We are not even average residents of Australia, we are below average. I am an ill and disabled man who did not leave his home for years except for a few times and remained within a couple of kilometers from home. I am officially uneducated and hold no licenses of any kind whatsoever. Financially, I am totally dependent on the Government’s social services, which they call disability benefits. I always wanted someone to explain to me as to who is benefiting from whom. Never mind that now, however just to return to our subject, and in short, I have nothing whatsoever for the Australian or the One World Government to fear. The only thing I truly have is that I am a Christian who believes in God and his word and cannot be influenced by any organized denomination or individual unless they speaking the truth. I do not belong to any organized religious, political or economical group at all. Sounds like a dangerous individual? I think not.

Now my wife. I will be putting my wife down because I love her very much, but I am only telling as to who she truly is. My wife has been living in Australia for almost 8 years now. She is still a Chinese citizen. We as a family decided that she will never become an Australian citizen due to what we have endured for 8 years on the hands of the Australian Government. We left for ourselves an escape root should things get to the point where it becomes the only option for us to remain alive.

Again, my wife can be considered as totally uneducated, she attended 5 years of village schooling in China. After 8 years of perpetual disputes with the Australian Government, she still has no idea what I had to do so far to defend her against possible loss of Australian residency, imprisonment or financial destruction. I sought her understanding and help for years and I could not. She does however deliver my mail for me or agree to sign legal documents when necessary and that is because we were totally deprived from any legal help from any Government entity or even private law firms. The Australian Government used all their powers to keep us from obtaining any legal defense or advice. My wife’s intelligence is average or little below average. She knows nothing of her legal, lawful or human rights. She too belongs to no group of any kind. She attends a Sunday Church and still understands very little of Christianity. She holds no licenses of any kind. Financially we are poor. You ask me please, why would the Australian Government spend so much effort trying to destroy he life and take away from her the crumbs that she is surviving on?

And we have a 3 year old child who suffered persecution and kidnap when he was only six months old. I will come to that soon.

How I came to know that Australia is run from the shadows

Now that I have done our introduction, allow me to start with what is very seriously concerning in relation to our endurance during 8 long years of persecution by the Australian rulers that plan from the shadows. Of course over 8 years of direct and indirect communication with the self authorized rulers, it has become very obvious that there is a hidden hand which makes all the decisions for all Government offices. As a result of my great frustration that was caused by knowing that whatever I write to one Government entity or private corporation, automatically every power entity became aware of it and whatever simple dispute we try to resolve becomes large and complicated, and subsequently we get opposed and attacked by every private corporation we contact or if we try to purchase their services, and every Government Department and Agency also knew everything and persecuted us. I knew then, that One World Government is already enforced in Australia, and Corporations, either they are known as private corporations or those that pretend to be the representative elected ones, are governed by one Central ruling entity that gives its orders to every corporation in Australia and the USA. I also concluded that Australia is just another province of the USA. In may 2013, I wanted to get a confession from some official as to the reality of our governing system. To keep the story short, I got the confirmation from a Housing NSW senior officer who openly told me that there was a single office that can resolve the disputes with all corporations, private or otherwise, and another Housing NSW Senior Officer by the name of Joe Rosa is the contact person between the secret office and us.

The major persecutions that were perpetrated against us

At the very end of 2007, my wife Shengkui Li, whom I married in China, arrived into Australia. At that time I was residing in an apartment also known as Bed-Sitter in the small suburb of Sydney called Bass Hill. The Bed-Sitter contained one room branched within the same one room, a small kitchen and a Bathroom. It was a sardine can so to speak. It was unhealthy, the sun hardly ever came into it. Surrounded by large trees, it was always dark and the light had to be turned on during the day hours. Its physical address is 25/79 Beatrice St. Bass Hill NSW 2197. You are welcome to go and inspect it for yourself. We were renting this bed-sitter from Housing NSW that was not even its landlord, though at the CONSUMER, TRADER AND TENACY TRIBUNAL they claimed to be its landlord, when in the official documents, the landlord is Bankstown City Council which is an unlawful entity that was never recognized by the Australian Constitution. Though we presented the proof to CONSUMER, TRADER AT TENANCY TRIBUNAL with the Government’s own documents for which we paid $11.00, the above mentioned Tribunal ignored its existence. Since then we discovered that the Australian self appointed authority make up the law as they go. As a result of that Tribunal’s case, we knew that there was no point in referring any matter to it, neither attend cases brought against us because the result will always be that whatever is beneficial to the ruling system will be the decision made by the judge.

The story of the terrible persecution against Shengkui in her first case, and the indirect persecution of Shengkui Li in the subsequent cases at the same hands of the same Tribunal will be explained in more details shortly.


At that time of our residence in the above mentioned address, I was suffering from Depression and I couldn’t work. So I was receiving Unemployment Benefits from Centrelink. The fortnightly amount of money I was receiving after paying rent and water to Housing NSW was $250.00. With difficulty, the amount of money was enough for one person to survive on. At that time, I was as ignorant in what kind of governing system we were living under as most of the Australian living souls. I thought, it could not be possible that Centrelink does not have a way to help my wife and I in our financial difficulty. I had a very good view of Australia and its system to the point that I was so proud to be known as Australian.

From the time of my wife’s arrival to Sydney, she was immediately forced to go to school to study English literature, which is a clear breach of her Human Rights. Shengkui Li was transformed into a slave as soon as she stepped on Australian soil, in this long article, you will see that this claim is 100% truthful.This new program was created by the so called Government to subjugate the migrants and make them feel that they are fully controlled. When I attended one of the classes my wife attended, I noticed that the teachers are trained not to be concerned as to how well educated the attendees were. They further do not teach the English literature, they only teach them to remember names of things and minor communication skills. After 500 Hours of schooling, my wife is still unable to read simple words, and if she learned some communication, she learned through living with me. Yet despite the fact that my wife attended school under duress, she was refused any Centrelink help.

Now, I was disabled and I was receiving unemployment benefits, and my wife goes to school 10 days a fortnight paying travelling costs, going to school and back all withdrawn from the $250.00. So One day in the beginning of 2008, my wife and I went to Centrelink Bankstown and asked the officer if my wife was eligible for some Centrelink Benefit. The officer replied: No, she is not eligible. 4 times at different Centrelink offices I got the same response. Almost all staff that work for any major corporation in Australia are trained to lie. Though my wife was eligible for benefits because in Australia, every person resides in it is considered as an employee of the Government. And in my wife’s case, she was eligible for a payment called special benefits. When my wife was attending school for the benefit of the Tax Office and the Government of Australia, then she had to be supported by them under circumstances such as ours. But I don’t know why, she was targeted by the Australian system to be destroyed from the very beginning.

In the mean time, I went to Housing NSW and asked if we were eligible for renting a larger residence. A Bed-Sitter was way too small for two adults. Housing NSW’s officer said: You both sleep on one bed, therefore you are not eligible. For months, I thought that if this was the Policy, so be it. I very unhappily accepted their foolish policy.

Subsequently, (I now cannot remember exactly how it happened that we received a letter from Centrelink informing my wife that she had to attend an appointment at a Centrelink office in Market Street in Sydney city). In June/July 2008 Shengkui Li received a letter from Centrelink asking her to attend an appointment in Sydney city as mentioned above. Since the very beginning of 2008 till we received the letter mentioned above, my wife and I were literally destitute. We were living on $250.00 a fortnight minus travelling expenses for my wife’s forced schooling, we did not have enough money to buy the extreme essentials for surviving. My mother and sister, aware of what’s befallen us, periodically brought us some vegetables and a few other essentials to help us with the least amount of food to live on.

Feeling sorry for us, a neighbour of ours informed us of some religious institutions that helped people with our condition, but that too was controlled by Centrelink. We needed a referral from them. Later I phoned Centrelink and asked about such program. The officer I spoke to sounded friendly and sympathetic, and told me that he will send me 2 referrals to two different institutions that may provide us with some aid. A few days latter, we received a letter from Centrelink with one single referral. The management which targeted us for destruction, decided that we go only to one institution because as you will see later, receiving 2-3 dollars extra from another institution was too much for Centrelink to see happen to us. They really intended to starve us. My wife and I armed with the referral to a Catholic Institution 90 Kilometres away, we had to pay the $5.00 Bus Fares. As we found the Catholic office in the Suburb of Auburn, inside we met a woman at a desk and explained our financial condition. She demanded that we obtain a Centrelink income Statement for her records, not only to prove our financial condition, but obviously so she keeps a record of the commercial transaction.It turns out that it is just another entity of dehumanisation. Having no choice, and finding a Centrelink office took us 45 minutes, plus we had to wait our turn to be served, and finally we got an Statement. (At that time I was aware who the Vatican is). So went back to the Catholics and presented them with the proof of our financial destitution statement thinking that we were going to receive true financial help). She took the documents and went into another room and returned with 3 small yellow carry plastic bags that contained the cheapest Black & Gold canned products and Pasta. We roughly calculated the price of the products, and came to about $7 - 8. When we say, we are a family of two adults, we receive $250.00 a fortnight, which means we need at least some financial help. We spent $5.00 in Bus fares and my wife and I spent half working day most of which was spent on our feet, only to end up gaining an amount of $2 to $3 more than what we spent + 4 hours of hard work + dehumanisation. And the products we received from the Catholics were things we would not normally purchase anyway. Subsequently, we never asked for any more referrals. It became obvious that this monolithic criminal system was working from the shadows to make sure that we do not get any help.

Please see the map of the route we had to travel between suburbs to get to the Catholic Aid? Institution.

Map of Travelling route between home and Catholic Aid Office

Going back to Centrelink’s letter of appointment my wife received, in order to attend an office in 10 Market Street, Sydney, we went on time. My wife’s English was very, very poor then, and in cases like Centrelink matters, she still needed representation. When my wife was summoned by an officer, of course knowing that my wife could not communicate with Centrelink’s officer, we both got up and went to the desk, sat in front of the officer. I had an audio recorder with me. I placed the recorder on the desk as I was advised to do, so if we were done wrong by, we would have an evidence to present to Centrelink’s management. Do you think that Centrelink want anyone outside this criminal system to know what they are doing? If one goes into any corporation in Australia, one will discover that he or she is placed under the most modern surveillance system, from Cameras to audio Etc. By what right are we placed under surveillance? A few weeks ago, my wife and I boarded a Taxi to go to the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney. The Taxi Driver was a friendly man. One of the issues he reported to us, he was forced by the Authorities to install a full Camera system in his Taxi that cost him $3,000.00 and if he was caught by the Police with the system switched off, he will be asked to park the Taxi at the side of the road and cease working. Where is the Privacy laws that Centrelink and all other Power Centres claim to abide by?.

Anyway returning to Centrelink’s office in Market Street, I wanted to help my wife though as Centrelink claims that anyone receives benefits from Centrelink automatically becomes an employee of the corporation. So this should have been the responsibility of Centrelink. The officer was speaking to a Chinese speaking resident and concerning legal matters. What should have been provided was an interpreter and legal representation both of which were not provided. Centrelink’s officer started to interrogate her, I in turn answered on my wife’s behalf in accordance with her rights. The officer suddenly got angry, and rudely asked me to go and wait for my wife in the waiting room. Firstly she should have spoken to me in a gentle manner and explained to me why I should be leaving to the waiting room. She was very upset about two things: 1. Because she was being audio recorded, and her treatment to us was very bad, so she did not want to leave us with a trace of evidence as to the way she treated us. And 2. She subsequently and after my leaving, never provided my wife with an interpreter or legal representation. She denied my wife from any legal representation and interpretation. Centrelink instructed their officer, through interrogating my wife to find anything to pin on her or me. As upset as I was being removed from representing my wife in accordance with our legal rights, I called the manager and complained to him. Instead of getting his support, he asked me to delete the audio recording which was in my possession. The audio recording should not be deleted without a court order. It was a legal evidence and the manager had no right to pervert the course of justice by deleting an evidence that could have been used in court against the Officer that abused us and her position as a Government employee. Very sadly I had to learn the law and our rights the hard way. What I know now would have armed me with total refusal of deleting the audio mentioned above and demand for Police presence should Centrelink force me to do anything illegal.

We finished and went home. I wrote an official complaint to Centrelink concerning the way a Chinese citizen’s rights were violated and the way I was abused. I wish I knew then what I know now. Centrelink is a criminal enterprise, and so organised that before complaining, they already decided how to respond to us, and that was to ignore us and let us hit our heads against the wall so to speak.. This time we discovered that we were not dealing with a Government that provide us with rights and defence, rather an entity that was created to enslave us and destroy the Australian family structure. This is very apparent in every corporation’s Policies in the whole of Australia.

Short interjection

Australia is run by Fundamental Satanic leaders. And to prove that with great simplicity, check out all the corporations’, Private and so called public’s phone numbers. They all start with Satanic holy numbers such as 13 or 18 which amounts to 6+6+6. Then Check out the ABC 1, 2 and 3 Channels and watch carefully. They contain witchcraft programs, witchcraft teaching and filled absolutely filled with Satanic Symbolism. The Australian system is Evil. Satanism is extremely dangerous and yet in the western world, it is supported by Human Rights and Tax deduction benefits. On the other hand true Christianity, not Catholicism, the peaceful religion is attacked by all the United Nations. This does not require a Brain Surgeon so to speak, to understand that Human Rights are obliterated from the Australian system.

Continuing concerning our deprivation by Centrelink

I wrote multitudes of complaints and letters concerning Centrelink’s lies by their staff concerning their claim that my wife was not eligible for benefits for which she was eligible, and that is called Special Benefits. Our persistence seems to have done something. My wife received a letter informing her that she was going to be compensated for the payments she did not receive that she was suppose to receive. At this stage we were unaware as to the sudden change in my wife’s favour. But later we discovered the real reason behind Centrelink’s decision to back pay my wife. With a family of two, one Australian citizen and the other Chinese, we wrote complaints to Centrelink on my behalf, the Australian citizen, and complaints on my wife’s behalf the Chinese citizen. My complaints as an Australian citizen went ignored, however the one made on behalf of my wife, the Chinese citizen seemed to have achieved something. Then we knew that the Australian authority do not in the least care for humans, rather for politics. As long as they did not get caught by the Chinese Government persecuting one of their citizens, Chinese too would endure the same hardship as the Australians who have no other authority to complain to. However, all what Centrelink offered was back pay for the six or so months that my wife was suppose to be receiving in Special Benefits which equalled the Unemployment Benefits of around $300 a fortnight. All the hardship my wife and I endured, and the maladministration that was done against us went ignored. Centrelink refused to accept legal responsibility for their wrong doing. Instead really compensating my wife, they only paid her a calculated sum of money that they were suppose to be paying on time for purchasing essential goods, not six months later after finding out that they might be caught by the international community for perpetrating Human Rights breaches. The amount of money eventually was paid to us because we no choice but to accept it since we were under financial pressure. This situation was utilised by Centrelink and the hardest thing that hit us was that instead of calling the amount of money they paid my wife as what it really was, nothing but a back pay, they called it “compensation” and did not register the amount in the Benefits records. Which in turn informed us that we had no legal or lawful rights and Centrelink can do whatever they want to us without paying in any way shape or form for their crimes or maladministration that caused very serious hardship to people in our situation.

Housing NSW has proven to be another criminal enterprise

The next episode of persecuting my wife was perpetrated by Housing NSW.

After 4 months from the time we were given the refusal to be given us a larger residence by Housing NSW, a neighbour of ours, by the name of Joseph Kocsis, also married to a Chinese citizen, applied for a larger residence as soon as his wife arrived into Australia and his application was approved by Housing NSW. Which also confirmed that my wife and I are targeted for destruction by the monolithic Australian authority. First Centrelink and now Housing NSW did to my wife what they did not do to others. I was very upset to learn that my wife has become an obvious target of the Australian corporate system and of course the persecution also affected me.

It turns out that if one disputes any decision made by any Government especially of such complaint is referred to other entities such as Social Security Tribunal or Administrative appeals Tribunal, one becomes a target for persecution by all western powers from the uttermost northern part of Canada to the uttermost southern part of the planet. We were targeted by USA Internet provided software and website hosting companies as well as Pyramid retail businesses. This too will be explained later.

Following the time we were informed by our neighbour that Housing NSW approved the application submitted by our neighbour to be granted a larger sized residence, I again went to Housing NSW and asked the same thing. Can we receive a larger residence than the Bed-Sitter we were residing in, and to my surprise, I was told; yes. Now why this sudden change of heart. It was because we carry a Mobile Phone that is monitored 24/7 by ASIO. When this monolithic power heard that we are now in the knowledge that Housing NSW lied to us as Centrelink did as to what we are eligible for, Housing NSW was immediately informed to accept our application. Subsequently I was given an application form to fill out. I did that and the application was approved. But that proved to be ink on paper that had no affect. The approval was given to us in 2009 and we received our larger residence in mid 2013, 6 months after our son was born to us. For six long months, we were a family of two adults and a child living in a space of no more than 20 square meters room, excluding the kitchen and the bathroom. While in the mean time, Joseph Kocsis was offered 2 flats which were much larger than the Bed-Sitter we resided in. That was unbelievable. Such is life when one is a target of the criminal Australian authority. The man applied before us because he was permitted to do so and received 2 offers while they were 2 adults and no child. On the other hand three of us, ignoring the policies, rules and laws by Housing NSW allowed us to all live in one room for 6 long months. Even refugees in camps are offered in Australia better residence.

Centrelink’s next episode of persecution against my wife

Now please remember that until now, I am explaining everything from memory due to the fact that I suffer from depression and I am avoiding my search in the documents that I possess concerning the issues mentioned herein due to the fact that this would take much longer for me finish composing this document. However I will do my best to have them ready with this article.

In 2009 my wife went to the bank and discovered that Centrelink double paid her an amount of little over $2000.00 for a period for which she was already paid.
I learned from the law that if someone found money that doesn’t belong to him/her and kept silent, this person maybe inviting prosecution. At the time I was ignorant that such issue was really considered as the fault of Centrelink and that Centrelink is the one that should be answering to the law. I thought that Centrelink was setting my wife up for imprisonment and subsequently revoking her Permanent Residency Visa. I told my wife not to spend a cent of the money and leave it all in the Bank Account. I wrote a letter after a letter to Centrelink informing them that we want to return their money. Centrelink remained silent for three long months. They were afraid. They have been persecuting a Chinese citizen, and discovered that things did not go according to what they planned. After 3 moths I went to a Police Station in a suburb called Bass Hill and

tried to make an official complaint. The Police Officer was taking things so lightly and smiling and said to the affect: “people normally come to report loss of money not finding them, why don’t we just go and spend it, why are worrying about it”. I insisted that he called Centrelink. He did that and was surprised as to what he was told over the phone, the he seriously told me with ordering manner, “do not spend the money”. Centrelink wanted the money back, but for three months, they did not know how to initiate the demand. They did something very seriously bad. Centrelink do not wait for three months to demand their money after being informed that they overpaid a customer. And Centrelink never makes such kind of mistake either. With their accounts, they are as efficient as any Bank. So why the wait? They were planning for causing trouble, and because of my immediate response, I never got a chance to really know exactly what they planned. Here comes Centrelink’s lies. Centrelink pretended that they loaned my wife the money and sent her a letter to pay the money back in $67.00 fortnightly instalments. We still haven’t received the details as to how to pay the money back at that stage. They first initiated discounting a $67 instalment without asking what we want to do, subsequently they sent us a special card with which we could pay at a Post Office. One of the options that was given us was paying at the Post Office via the Phone. When I tried to pay via the phone, the automated service kept saying that our card is not valid. Talking about trouble making and harassment. I tried again and again, and the same message of refusal kept playing. Next day I went to the Post Office in person and paid all the money in one transaction. I bet that was upsetting for Centrelink’s trouble making planners which then proved that we never borrowed the money from them. And since when Centrelink lends over $2000 in one go to one person. That never happens especially that long ago. The maximum amount they lent was $500 at one transaction.

To Be Continued

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