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Site 5 webhosting company refused to provide us with their services

Oh! the deception of what is known as corporation

As I mentioned in a previous post that a corporation is nothing but a name on a document. It is a dead entity that can neither perform its rights nor its obligations. Yet the law granted it legal rights and obligations. Let me make it clear. My mother died last year. According to the law, she has no rights and no obligations because she is no more. She is not part of the system. So how could a corporation that did not even exist in the first place have legal rights and obligations?

Do not ever be deceived. When you receive a letter or whatever correspondence from some man or woman who claims to be an officer of some corporation. According to the law, if a man sends you a correspondence on behalf of another, the former must provide you with an authorization from the latter in order to lawfully act on his or her behalf. However if you ever try to demand an authorization from a corporation officer, he/she will never provide you with one. They can't because a corporation is literally a corpse, dead and totally disabled from performing anything whatsoever. Therefore all correspondences that come from corporations are invalid and do not even exist.

Now you will notice that whenever you file a dispute against some corporation, the officers work within it will immediately give the dispute a case number that you must reference when addressing them in a reply or any letter concerning the same issue. First of all, using the services of a corporation is a big mistake in the first place. Secondly, filing a dispute against a corporation is another big mistake. Who will you be suing? The corporation does not exist, and if you are suing a non existing entity, who is going to compensate you? By only filing a dispute against a corporation, you will agree to be an employee of the corporation and that is why the dispute is immediately given a case number. A corporation cannot deal with an outsider especially if the outsider claims to be man or woman with flesh and blood created by God with rights to freedom. 

When a corporation gives a case, a case number, then the case automatically becomes the corporation's case, totally owned by them, they own the claims of the complainant and responder. And you as the employee of a dead entity, what hope have you got?. As soon as you file the dispute, you automatically lose the case. Whatever decision they make concerning your dispute then is entirely legal in the sense that you agree with the officers to what they did to you. Legal is not the same as lawful. Legislations are bunches of crap. Legislation works only for corporations, it does not work for men, women or children. In all legislations of the Western World, man, woman and child are not recognized. They are never mentioned in any of the Acts. Even if you make a search in ordinary dictionaries for the word "Man", you will not find it anywhere. If you ever find it, it may be translated as "Male individual", and this is the deception of the translation. Male individual can be referring to a rooster or horse or anything that is considered as male. In the Legislation interpretation Acts, you will only find the word person which means corporation or individual which can refer to anything in the world that is only of one nature. In the legislation the word individual is translated as Natural Person. The  donkey is also a natural person. And the word "person" is translated as Individual or Corporation. Individual means absolutely nothing, and Corporation refers to a dead non existing thing. So in short, all legislations are nothing, big ZERO. If you ever go to court, you loose your case even before you enter the Court Room, because they force you to sign whatever document you filled out to refer the matter to Court, such as a STATEMENT OF CLAIM, in all capital letters. STATEMENT OF CLAIM in all capital letters does not refer to a statement of claim. Capital Letters are used as codes, corporate codes and read as individual letters not a full word. In the Court's rules and regulations, you are never asked to hand a signed document to Court, it just asks you to sign it, and that is your original copy. Never give your original copy to any so called authority or corporation because you will be relinquishing your evidence. If the Court has the evidence then it does not use it against itself or any corporation. Also before i move on to the case that i am bringing in this post, one must be fully aware that Governments in the western world do not exist according to the constitution. All of them are corporations. Thereby they are usurping dead entities that have created a massive deception whereby they abolished all rights and obligations of all the people of the nation. Whenever the corporation compensates you for whatever, they do it to keep you deceived of the reality in which we live.

Now back to this criminal Web Hosting Company mentioned below:

In the last year or so, Shengkui Li, a Chinese citizen that resides in Australia, purchased the services of 7 Web hosting companies. At least she used four of the above to attempt build websites with. Now so you understand what happened, when Shengkui Li's name appear on any document it raises the flags. She is a targetted individual. Why? Because she is my wife. And when you read the above part of the post, you know why she is targetted. It is simply because i defended her, acted on her behalf and protected her from many, many attacks that were launched against her even before i discovered what the deception of this system. All what I learned was the result of defending my family and i, for 8 and 1/2 long years of perpetual attacks against us. 

Shengkui Li purchased website hosting services from and attempted to build websites with, are the following:  INMOTION HOSTING, DREAM HOST and 1&1.COM or 1AND1.COM. The Corporate Elite Compliance Office (International Top Secret Office that targets individuals that discover the conspiracies and deceptions and refuse to comply with them) immediately stepped in, took over and disabled the functions of the software programs that are used to build Websites. In this case all the corporations mentioned above complied and colluded with the Compliance (Hitler's SS) office and colluded with the Bank manipulating payment transactions that are usually placed in the so called "Bank Statement". It is neither a Bank nor a Statement. The Bank's officers used Transactions entry manipulation to cover for the Website Hosting Companies. By being unable to find a company that allows her to build a website, my wife asked if we first ask a Web Hosting Company if the officers would permit her to build a website should she purchase an account with them. I personally can no longer purchase anything because the criminals put their hands on all my funds and distributed them as they please. So only my wife can purchase anything at all. The reason she still has her funds untouched is because she is a Chinese citizen, they fear the Chinese Government. And the criminals are destroying her life but they left her funds alone. So yesterday the 26th of June 2016, i went searching for a website hosting company. I found one that offers the services and the price that are acceptable to us. In their Website Page, they have a window where one can chat live with a sales officer and get his/her inquiries answered before they commit to pay for their services. I did write to the sales officer to the affect: "Due to having problems with web hosting companies, i wish to ask ask you to inquire of your superiors if they would allow us to purchase your services and build a website unhindered. Please reply via my email address, if you should decide to allow us to sign up with you." Some hours later I started to receive emails from the company namely SITE You will see below the full dialogues as copied from our email account. You will notice that the intention of the dialogue was never to offer my wife their services. It was to get me to say anything that they would deem as unacceptable or illegal. It turned out that the person i was discussing the issue with via emails was a member of the compliance office. He wanted to get me to confess of wanting to build a website that contains unacceptable or illegal material. I did explain that everything will be according to the law, the constitution, Human Rights and the company's terms and conditions. This answer by me was not what he was looking for, so he insisted that I explain what would be the content of the website exactly. And I replied, it would be materials that are found on YouTube, the Media, the alternative Media more and many other websites found on the internet. That was not what he wanted to hear either. So he again sent me another email wanting to know exactly to the letter what the content of the website will be. Then i knew for sure that he was trying to set me up for something, i don't know what. So i replied as to whether he has a problem with someone whose website content is in accordance with the law, human rights, and their terms and conditions. That was the end. He ran away as fast as he could. He realized that i understood that he was interrogating me to set me up for something. I sent after that two short emails to which of course he did not reply. So now i introduce you to the emails in full as shown below. Please read them:

The emails that came from Hitler's SS and the replies to them

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