Saturday, July 30, 2016

Population of the world in cages (posted 30 July 2016)

It has recently come to my attention that some software companies have the audacity to add into their end user agreements, the prohibition of using copyrighted material only on their computer, even if one never publishes the copyrighted material.

When i purchased a license to use COREL VIDEO STUDIO, i downloaded and installed the software; however while doing so i noticed something utterly strange. The software needed something like 6 Gbs of space. The entire Microsoft Windows required half of that amount of space. One would ask as to what such a software program can do. It must be so advanced that Hollywood could use such a program to produce their Movies. i must say, i was so shocked to discover that, every copyrighted Audio and Movie and any material that can be used in a Video Studio software is installed in my PC and such information is updated regularly. So assuming that one tries to alter a copyrighted Movie or a Song, the software immediately recognizes it and prohibits the user from doing so, even if one has the permission from the owner of the copyrighted material to do any alteration to it; or do the Software also includes the permissions issued by all copyrighted material owners? One doesn't know until one does use the software. However, it gets even worse. in my case, i was creating a video, the material of which was created solely by myself, of my own creation. When i tried to produce it, a small window in the middle of the software popped up, prohibiting e from producing my own material, claiming that the material in use "Maybe" write protected as shown below.

How does that happen? According to Corel support team, they claimed that the file i am using contains an error and needs to be converted to other Format, however, the video i am producing contained 8 different videos and none of them could be produced. So what's going on?

i believe that the software itself contains the error, a fact that COREL company is refusing to admit. Furthermore, just imagine how much time is wasted to try to resolve such an error. Such software is no longer created for the benefit of the user or for his/her pleasure. it is created for the company's benefit.

This is the very worst part. When a software company take the law into their own hands, the company becomes a criminal organization and loses all its rights to their agreements and their lawful claims. In this case, COREL and its Corporate Monolithic allies from this criminal one world order is literally placing the end user in a cage. Their belief is, in order that one is prohibited from perpetrating a crime, let's cage him or her. By this one must be aware that one's freedom of will and freedom choice is removed, thereby one's lawful and human rights are removed. For what? All for the sake of using a Video Studio. Such behaviour is of the utmost seriousness an must never be tolerated.

Everything the people or the elite behind this Satanist, evil and criminal New World Order system is to kill every vestige of our freedom, rights and even the right to reprocreate. This has gone further than too far.  

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